Environmental Performance Index

Published on Thursday, January 25, 2018
Environmental Performance Index
Recently, World Economic Forum at Davos meets released Environmental Performance Index of 180 countries.

Key points:

  • Name of the Index- Environmental Performance Index 
  • Released by- World Economic Forum 
  • Developed by-Yale University & Columbia University in collaboration with World Economic Forum and Joint research centre of the European Commission
  • Rank of India-177 
  • Switzerland stands first in Environmental Performance Index 
  • Burundi stands in the last position in Environmental Performance Index 
  • New Zealand, Israel and Japan are the only non-European countries in the top 20. 

How Environmental Performance Index is calculated?

The Environmental Performance Index report rated countries on 10 indicators under two broad categories. Those two broad categories are
  1. Environmental Health 
  2. Ecosystem vitality 

10 Indicators used are:

  1. Air Quality 
  2. Water & Sanitation 
  3. Heavy metals 
  4. Biodiversity & Habitat 
  5. Forests (tree cover loss) 
  6. Fisheries 
  7. Climate and energy 
  8. Air pollution 
  9. Water management And Agriculture 

Top 10 countries in Environmental performance index:

Rank Name of the country
1 Switzerland
2 France
3 Denmark
4 Malta
5 Sweden
6 United Kingdom
7 Luxembourg
8 Austria
9 Ireland
10 Finland

Bottom five countries:

  • 175-Madagascar
  • 176-Nepal
  • 177-India
  • 178-Congo
  • 179-Bangladesh
  • 180-Burundi

India & Environmental Performance Index

  1. India is the fourth worst country in the world when it comes to handling environmental issues
  2. The Environmental Performance Index study said India had made ‘little progress to efforts to tackle air pollution as compared to China.
  3. India faces “a public health crisis that demands urgent attention”.
  4. India’s low scores are influenced by poor performance in the environmental health policy objective
  5. Pollution from solid fuels, coal and crop residue burning and emissions from motor vehicles continue to severely degrade the air quality for millions of Indians.
  6. In Environmental Health India stands at
  • 178 in Air Quality
  • 145 in water and sanitation
  • 175 in heavy metals

Trends in 2018 Environmental Performance Index

  • Fisheries continue to deteriorate in most countries
  • Substantial populations still suffer from poor air quality, most notably in India, China, and Pakistan.

Here is the list of 2018 Environmental Performance Index rankings:

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