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How to Improve Vocabulary For Bank Exams

Published on Thursday, February 08, 2018

What is Vocabulary? 

  • A group of words which give meaning is called vocabulary. 
  • Our world is a world of words. For every single idea, belief, emotion, sentiment, and thought, we need words. Words colour our lives; they empower us; they distinguish us; from one another.Indeed, without words, humans are just like any other animal –dumb and inexpressive. In all walks of life, we need to have words to keep us meaningfully engaged in our human affairs. 
  • When it comes to the professional front, the importance of words grows manifold. In an age of technological advancements, what establishes our credentials is our ability to use words – the powerful words. It is in this sense that a professional requires powerful words much more than other common people do. However, it is not just the power of words but also their appropriate usage that is required for us to be good communicators. 
  • This topic gives you ample ideas and practice, going through which should help you attain an effective and powerful vocabulary. 


  • Understanding the meaning of the common word roots can help us deduce the meanings of new words that we encounter. So, when you come across a new word, be sure to refer to a dictionary to establish its meaning and usage correctly. 

Prefixes and Suffixes :

Pre means before, fix means set. Adding prefix before a word we can create new word.
  • For Eg: able- enable; understand – misunderstand; belief- disbelief; etc… 

Suffixes are used after a word to create new words.
  • For Eg: Teach- Teacher; Agree- Agreement; etc… 

In fact, if you study the shape of a word, you can divide into three parts- the prefix, suffix, and the root word.
Let us now study some prefixes and suffixes and see the words that can be formed by using them:

Some of the tips to learn Vocabulary;

The prefix ‘RE ‘means back or again.

For Eg: 
  • rebuild -------RE build means Build again
  • recall------ RE call means to bring back to mind or remember. 
  • Refold ------ RE fold means fold again. 
  • Regain ----- RE gain means get back. 
  • Remind ------ RE mind means mention again 
  • Repay ------ RE pay means payback.
--- You try to write some more like this…..

The root PORT means carry

For Eg:
  • Port ---- PORT means a place ships may wait in. 
  • Porter ------ PORT er means one who carries things, as baggage. 
  • Deport ----- de PORT means to send a person away. 
  • Report ------- re PORT means an account of something which happened. 
  • Support ---- sup PORT means to carry along with help. 
  • Portable --- PORT able means can be carried. 
----- practice some more like this…..

The prefixes EN and EM means into/ in

For Eg: 
  • endanger ---- EN danger means put into danger 
  • Enroll ----- EN roll means to enter or register. 
  • Entrust ----- EN trust means charge with a specified office or duty involving trust. 
  • Enslave ---- EN slave means put into slavery. 
  • Embrace ------ EM brace means to take into one’s arms. 
  • Embark ------- EM bark means get into a train or ship a for journey. 

The suffix ATE means to cause or make.

For Eg: 
  • dedicate ----- dedic ATE means to set apart for a purpose. 
  • Advocate ----- advoc ATE means to speak for to defend. 
  • Deviate ---- Devi ATE means to turn aside from the right way. 
  • Liquidate ----- liquid ATE means to end a debt by payment. 
  • educate ----- educ ATE means to lead to knowledge. 
  • enumarate ----- enumar ATE means to count. 

The Root MEM means REMEMBER.

For Eg: 
  • memento ----- MEM ento means something to make one remember. 
  • Memorandum ---- MEM orandum means a reminder. 
  • Memory ------ MEM ory means the ability to recall. 
  • Memoir ------ MEM oir means a record of a thing to remember. 
  • Memorable ------- MEM orable means worth remembering. 
  • In memoriam ------ In MEM oriam means In memory of. 

The root UNI means ONE.

For Eg: 
  • Unique ----- UNI que means one of a kind. 
  • Union ---- UNI on means the joining of many into one. 
  • Unitarianism ----- UNI tarianism means a belief in one god. 
  • Unanimous ----- UN animous means having one opinion held by all. 
  • Universe ----- UNI verse means all parts of the world as one. 
  • Unimanual ---- UNI manual means done with one hand. 
So, such these root words offer you an easy step – by- step approach to an understanding of thousands of words in the English Language.


The new pattern vocabulary is nothing but an Analogy. It means comparison, relation, resemblance and correlation. The Analogy questions are given in exams to test the analytical ability of yours.
You will find word analogies, or verbal analogies, used in standardized tests and sometimes in job interviews where you must show the relationship between two objects or concepts using logic and reasoning. These analogies are set up in a standard format. For Eg: tree: leaf:: flower: petal. An analogy is more of a logical argument than a simple figure of speech.
Now I will explain to you the basic level of analogy questions. Read all the choices before choosing your answer. Finding out a right choice from given options reveal your smartness in thinking.
In the following questions, you are required to identify and assess the logical relationship between a given pair of words in the question, then choose a pair of words from the options that exhibit the same logical relationship as the original pair in the questions.

Question 1. 

Grove: Forest : --------- : Lake. 
a. pond 
b .ocean 
c. tree 
d. boat.
Ans: a. Pond,
Explanation: A grove is a similar version of a forest, and a pond is a smaller version of a lake.

Question 2.

Spelunker: -------- : : Astronomer : Space
a. spaceship
b. light
c. cave
d. wave
Ans: c. cave 
Explanation: A spelunker is someone explores caves, and an astronomer is someone who explores space.

Question 3.

Mend: Sewing:: Edit : --------- 
a. darn
b. repair
c. manuscript
d. makeshift
Ans: c.Manuscript. 
Explanation: one fixes sewing by mending; one fixes manuscript by editing.

Question 4.

Perfidy: -------- : : satire : Parody 
a. treachery 
b. humour
c. forgiveness
d. performance.
Ans: a. treachery 
Explanation: Perfidy is synonym for treachery, and satire is a synonym for parody.

Question 5.

Hawali: 1959:: ------- 1912 
a. Network
b. South Carolina
c. Arizona
d. Maine
Ans: c.Arizona 
Explanation: Hawaii became a state in 1959, and Arizona became a state in 1912.

Question 6.

Rotation: Earth:: -------- : Top 
a. planet 
b. spinning
c. sun
d. expanding
Ans: Spinning 
Explanation: Rotation is the movement of the earth and spinning is the movement of a top.

Question 7.

Piercing: ------ : : Hushed : Whisper 
a. diamond 
b. watch
c. siren
d. ears
Ans: Siren 
Explanation: A siren is described as piercing, and a whisper is described as hushed.

Question 8.

Cabal: -------- : : Output : Yield. 
a. Plot 
c. cable 
d. stop.
Ans: a. Plot 
Explanation: Cabal is a synonym for plot, and Output is a synonym for Yield.

Question 9.

Channel: Waterway :: -------- : Fabric 
a. polyester 
b. zipper
c. cotton
d. stone
Ans: c. Cotton 
Explanation: A channel is a natural water way, and cotton is a natural fabric.

Question 10.

Penurious: -------- : : Deep : Significant 
a. generous
c. decrepit
d. cavernous
Ans: b.stingy 
Explanation: Penurious is a synonym for stingy, and deep is a synonym for significant

Question 11.

------- : Flood :: Helmet: Injury 
a. drowned 
b.Coast Guard 
Ans : d. levee 
Explanation: A levee prevents a flood, and a helmet prevents injury.

Question 12.

Rein : Horse :: Control panel : ------ 
a. Pilot
b. bit
c. plane 
d. rider
Ans: plane 
Explanation: A rider uses a rein to guide a horse; a pilot uses the control panel to guide a plane.

Question 13.

Spoke : : -------- Word : Sentence 
a. speaker 
b. paragraph
c. comma
d. wheel
Ans: d.wheel. 
Explanation: A spoke is part of a wheel, and a word is part of a sentence.

Question 14.

Confederate: -------- : : Narrator: Chronicler 
a. north 
b. partner 
c. history 
d. teacher.
Ans: b.partner 
Explanation: A confederate is a synonym for a partner, and a narrator is a synonym for chronicler.

Question 15.

Search : --------- :: Defeat : Vanquish 
a. Peer
b. ransack
c. destroy
d. find
Ans: b. ransack 
Explanation: To ransack is to search thoroughly, and to vanquish is defeat thoroughly.

Question 16.

Dolorous: ------ : : Sonorous : Loud 
a. woozy 
b. weepy
c. dull
d. sleepy
Ans: weepy 
Explanation: Dolorous is a synonym for weepy, and Sonorous is a synonym for loud.

Question 17.

Knave: ------- : : Coward : Bravery 
a. retreat. 
d. stoicism
Ans: c. truth 
Explanation: A knave is one who does not exhibits the truth, and a coward does not exhibit bravery.

Question 18.

Cushion: Sofa : : Shelf: -------- 
a. Ledge
b. bookcase
c. storage
d. frame
Ans: b. bookcase 
Explanation: A cushion is a part of a sofa, and a shelf is a part of a bookcase.

Question 19.

Enfeeble: Forty :: Concede : ---------- 
a. dispute 
Ans: a. dispute 
Explanation: To enfeeble is an antonym of to fortify, and to concede is an antonym of to dispute.

Question 20.

Secret: Furtive :: Audible : ------ 
a. resonant 
c. sack 
Ans: a. resonant 
Explanation: Furtive is more intensely secret, and resonant is more intensely audible. 

Question 21.

Thresher : ------- :: Mastiff : Dog 
a. robin 
b. master
c. shark 
Ans: c.shark 
Explanation: Thresher is a type of shark, and Mastiff is a type of dog.

Finally, I want to conclude that vocabulary is like gathering ingredients to prepare a food item. But Analogy is using right proportion of the ingredients to prepare the food item. So, remember that what you learn is may be important but how you implement the same inappropriate place or situation decides your analytical skill.
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