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Important Years in Indian Polity

Published on Saturday, January 20, 2018
Name of the event Year
Setting up of first municipal corporation in India (in Madras) 1687-88
Regulating act 1773
Pitt’s India act 1784
Introduction of Budget 1860
Lord Rippon’s resolution 1882
Royal Commission on Decentralization 1907
Morley Minto Reforms 1909
Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms 1919
Simon Commission 1927
Resolution of Poorna Swaraj at Lahore session of INC 1929
Communal award 1932
idea of a Constituent Assembly for India was put forward for the first time in 1934
Indian National Congress officially demanded for constituent assembly 1935
Elections under Government of India act-1935 1937
Establishment of federal court 1937
August offer of British government 1940
Cripps Mission 1942
India Became member of UNO 1945
Cabinet Mission 1946
First meeting of constituent assembly Dec 9th 1946
Election of Rajendra Prasad as president of Constituent assembly Dec 11th 1946
Nehru moved Objectives of resolution on Dec 13th 1946
Adoption of objectives of resolution Jan 22nd 1947
Indian Independence act 1947
Acceptance of Mountbatten Plan of Partition June 3rd 1947
Adoption of National flag of India July 22nd 1947
Setting up of Drafting committee August 29th 1947
Instrument of accession of Jammu & Kashmir 26th Oct 1947
Ratification of India’s membership of Commonwealth 1949
Adoption of constitution Nov 26th 1949
Abolition of Privy council Jurisdiction act 1949
Formation of Planning commission 1950
Adoption of Indian National anthem Jan 24th 1950
Adoption of National song Jan 24th 1950
Election of Dr. Rajendra Prasad as first president of India Jan 24th 1950
Final session of Constituent assembly Jan 24th 1950
India ceased to be British Dominion Jan 26th 1950
India became republic on Jan 26th 1950
Gopalan case 1950
President rule first time imposed in Punjab in 1951
First Constitutional amendment act 1951
Finance commission act 1951
Representation of People’s act 1951
First General elections in India 1952
Starting of community development program 1952
First Backwards class commission under chairmanship Kaka kalekar appointed in 1953
Formation of first linguistic state (Andhra Pradesh) 1953
Panchasheel signed by India & China 1954
Protection of Civil rights act 1955
State reorganization act 1956
Rajasthan (First state to establish Panchayat Raj) October 2nd 1959
Liberation of Goa from Portuguese 1961
First Proclamation of National emergency 1962
Emergence of central vigilance commission 1964
Formation of Haryana 1966
First Administrative commission 1966
Golaknath case 1967
Kesavananda Bharati case 1973
Emergency during Indira Gandhi as PM 1975 to 1977
Sikkim became full-fledged state of India 1975
42nd Constitutional amendment act 1976
Bonded labour system (abolition act) 1976
Congress losses power for the first time 1977
Right to Property was deleted from Fundamental rights by 44th amendment in 1978
Menaka Gandhi case 1978
Second Backwards class commission under chairmanship BP Mandal appointed in 1979
Sarkaria commission on centre-state relations 1983
Child labour (Prohibition & Regulation) act 1986
Reduction of voting age from 21 years to 18 years 1989
Establishment of Interstate council 1990
69thConstitutional amendment act (Special status to UT Delhi) 1991
73rdConstitutional amendment act (Panchayats) 1992
74thConstitutional amendment act (urban local bodies) 1992
National Commission for women 1992
National Commission for minorities 1993
National Commission for Backwards classes 1993
National Human Rights Commission 1993
PESA act 1996
Formation of Chattisgarh 2000
Formation of Jharkhand 2000
Formation of Uttarakhand 2000
Article 21 A(Right to education through 86th amendment act) in 2002
National Commission for SCs 2003
National Commission for protection of child rights 2007
Second Administrative reforms commission 2007
Right of children to free and compulsory education act 2009
97th Amendment act (Cooperative societies) 2011
Formation of Telangana 2014
Implementation of Goods and service tax July 1st 2017
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