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List of First in World

Published on Saturday, April 28, 2018
First in World
Significance Personalities
First Woman to Head UN Political Chief Rosemary Dicarlo
First Player to Score 100 Goals for One Club Christiano Ronaldo
Nepal’s First Woman President Bidya Devi Bhandari
First Person to Reach Mount Everest Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
First Person to Reach North Pole Robert Peary
First Person to Reach South Pole Amundsen
The First Person to Sail Round the WorldFerdinand Magellan
The First Person to Fly Aeroplane Wright Brothers
The first person to land on the moon Neil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin
The First Person to Fly Aeroplane Wright Brothers
First Woman President of a Country Marma Estella ‘Isabel’ Martinez Cartas de Peron
The First Person to Reach in Space Yuri Gagarin
First Person Perform the Heart TransplantationDr.Christian Bernard
The First Person to Win Nobel Prize TwiceMarie Curie
First Person to Swim Across English channelCaptain Mathew Web in 1875
First Woman to Climb Mount EverestJunko Tabei
First Woman Prime Minister of Any Muslim CountryBenazir Bhutto
First Person to Draw the Map of EarthAnaximander
First Ever Woman Prime Minister of CountrySirimavo Bandaranaike
First Woman President of a CountryMaria Estela Piron
First Space TouristDennis Tito

Significance Achievers
First country to legalise Euthanasia Netherland
First country to recognise ‘third gender’ on census forms Nepal
First country to require SMS for aircraft entry Bermuda
First country to draft its constitution on iPad Hungary
First country to account for natural assets globally India
First country to ban fur for fashion week events Norway
First country to slap ‘Fat tax’ on food products Denmark
First country to use the Arabic language for domain name Egypt
First country to sign biodiversity protocol Colombia
First country to block 100000 websites Thailand
First country to monitor every car journey Britain
First country to ban amalgam fillings Norway
First country to ban use of animal circuses Bolivia
First country to have cruise manoeuvrable Missile India
First country to approve stem cell therapy South Korea
First country in the world to introduce internet voting Estonia
First country to launch secret Denmark
First country to use bivalent polio vaccine Afghanistan
First country to adopt the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Brazil
First crossword puzzle in the world was published By London Sunday Express
First country to make a constitution United States of America
First country to appoint Lokpal Sweden
First Asian city to host Olympic game Tokyo, Japan
First country printed book China
First country to start paper currency China
First country to start civil service commission China
First country to make education compulsory Prussia
First country to win world cup football Uruguay
First country to organize NAM summit Belgrade
First country to host modern Olympic Greece
First country to set radio telescope satellite into space Japan
First country to ban capital punishment Venezuela
First country to give constitutional status to animal rights Switzerland
First country to give voting right to women New Zealand
First country to set carbon tax New Zealand
First country to start VAT (Value Added Tax) Brazil and Germany
First country to start plastic currency Australia
First country to sign nuclear agreement with India France
First country to send human to moon USA
First spaceship landed on Mars VIKING ­– 1
First space shuttle launched Columbia
First religion of the world Sanatan Dharma
First University of the world Taxila University
First country to brings out the FIAT Italy
First country to issue stamps Great Britain
First animated colour cartoon of full feature length Snow white and seven dwarf
First country in Asia to have a UNESCO category one institute India
First country to sign enforcement for sentences Italy
First country to be affected by industrial revolution Great Britain
First country to sign agreements to set up nuclear reactors in India France
First country to use iris scans on ID cards Mexico
First developing country to receive doses of donated H1N1 swine flu vaccines Mongolia
First Developing country to contribute to crop Benefit Sharing Fund Indonesia
First country in the world to limit banker’s bonuses France
First European country to directly receive Azerbaijani gas Greece
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