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New Pattern Vocabulary Test - Part 1

Published on Wednesday, February 14, 2018
New Pattern Vocabulary Test - Part 1
Analogy reveals one’s Analytical ability. In Every competitive examination it common. It denotes how sharp your mind is while answering these questions.
Now I will explain to you Advanced Level of Analogy Questions. Read all the questions carefully and find out the logical relationship between the given pair of words in the question, then choose a pair of words from the options that reveal the same logical relationship with the original pair in the questions.

Question 1.

Query: Question : 
a. Quiz: Answer
b.Spy: Shy
c. Queue: Line
d.Surprise: prize
Ans: C. 
Explanation: A query is another word for a question. A queue is another word for a line.

Question 2.

Pilfer: Steal: : 
a. Return: Come
b.damage: Image
c.exercise: Size
d.Furnish: Equip
Ans : D. 
Explanation: To pilfer means to steal, and to furnish means to equip. 

Question 3.

Seam: Stitches: : 
a. Corduroy: Cord
b.Cordon: Troops
c.Chicken: Meat
d.Thread : Bundle
Ans: B 
Explanation: A cordon is a line of troops; a seam is a line of stitches. 

Question 4.

Implement: Rule: : 
a. Propose: Dispose
b.Render: Verdict
c.Divide: Wide
d.Teach: Speak
Ans: B. 
Explanation: A rule is implemented, and a verdict is rendered. 

Question 5.

Sham: Hoax:: 
a. Limerick: Prose
b.Crate: Sealed
c. Prison: Brig
d.Trickery: Mockery
Ans: C. 
Explanation:A brig is another word for a prison, and a sham is another word for a hoax. 

Question 6.

Contemptible: Estimable: : 
a. Pungent: Racy
b.Quiet: Plangent
c.Noisy: Sound
d.Combustible: Explosive
Ans: B. 
Explanation: Quiet is an antonym for plangent, and contemptible is an antonym for estimable 

Question 7.

Irreverent: Respect: : 
a.Messy : Mercy
b.Slippery : Glassy
c.Care : Slipshod
d.Wit : Comedy
Ans: C 
Explanation: Irreverent means lacking in respect; Slipshod means lacking in care. 

Question 8.

Quicksilver: Mercury:: 
a. Worker: Employee
b.Idler: Goldbrick
c.Money: Income
d.Idol : Idle
Ans: B. 
Explanation: Quicksilver is a synonym for mercy, and goldbrick is a synonym for an idler. 

Question 9.

Precinct: City: : 
a. Book: Chapter
b.Policeman: Station
c.Sentence: Words
d.Charge: Discharge
Ans : A 
Explanation:A precinct is a division of a city, and a chapter is a division of a book. 

Question 10.

Bona field: Deceit: : 
a. Weakness : Illness
b.Action: Languid
c.Truthful : Faithful
d.Bon mot : Comment
Ans: B. 
Explanation: Bona field is characterized by a lack of deceit, and languid is characterized by a lack of Action. 

Question 11.

Satchel: Bag: : 
a. Lane: Line
b.Trophy: Cup
c.Hat: Bowler
d.Ottoman : Stool
Ans: C. 
Explanation:A bowler is a type of hat, and a satchel is a type of bag.

Question 12.

Abdomen: Gut: : 
a. Prognosis: Prediction
b.Nose: Proboscis
c.Ear: Hearing
d.Nausea: Ache
Ans: B. 
Explanation:Proboscis means nose and abdomen means gut. 

Question 13.

Game : Series :: 
a. Winner : Runner
b. Sentence : Phrase
c.Syllable: Word
d.Event : occasion
Ans: C. 
Explanation: A game is part of a series, and a syllable is a part of a word. 

Question 14.

Pound: United Kingdom: : 
a. Franc : Coin
b.Colon: Costa Rica
c.Peseta : Bronz Coin
d.Dollar: Currency
Ans: B. 
Explanation: The pound is the unit of currency of the United Kingdom, and the colon is the unit of Currency in Costa Rica.

Question 15.

Lap: Pool:: 
a. Pass : Fail
b.Gene : Cell
C.Light-year: Space
d.Slide : Slice
Ans: C. 
Explanation: Lap is a distance covered in a pool, and light-year is a distance covered in space.

Question 16.

File: Nail:: 
a.Hammer : Tool
b.Cabinet : Cabin
C.Saw : Carpenter
d.Plane: Wood
Ans: D. 
A plane is a tool used to smooth and shape wood, and a file is a tool used to smooth and shape nail. 

Question 17.

Sloth: Action:: 
a.unsrupulousness: Principles
b.Teachers : Values
c.Hero : Brave
d.Conscientious: Concise
Ans: A 
Sloth is a lack of action, and unscrupulousness is a lack of principles. 

Question 18.

Fuzzy: Clarity:: 
a. Flexible
b.Rigid: Flexibility
Ans: B. 
Fuzzy means lacking in clarity and Rigid means lacking flexibility. 

Question 19.

Halve: Divide : : 
a. Pare : Pair
b.half : Full
c.Rip: Tear
d.Scour: Small
Ans: C. 
To halve means to divide and to rip means to tear. 

Question 20.

Cushion: Sofa:: 
a. Ledge : Balance
b.Bookcase: Shelf
c.Storage : Memory
d.Frame : Slide
Ans: B. 
Explanation: A cushion is a part of a sofa, and a shelf is part of a bookcase.

Finally, I want to say that your vocabulary on your finger tips. Then only you can get clarity to find out the logical relationship of between the words which will be given in examinations.
Thank you.

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