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Use of Conjunctions in English Grammar

Published on Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Use of Conjunctions in English Grammar

First of all, we should know what is Conjunction?

Connect + Junction= Conjunction.Conjunction is a word.It joins two words, two sentences and two clauses.

What’s the use of Conjunctions in English Grammar?

  • Conjunction works like a connector.If it is necessary, it can extend the sentence or it can compress the sentence.So these are used to minimize or maximize the language. 

Some of the Conjunctions:

and for after before while
But also if unless than
or still though as since
that else although when only
for because till where


  • Birds fly and fish swim. 
  • He is slow but he is sure. 
  • Unless you go there ,you don’t know what has happened there. 
  • Although she is not beautiful, she wants to be a film star. 
  • Is there still raining? 
  • The train had left before we reached the railway station. 

Kinds of Conjunction: 

Conjunctions are divided into four kinds, namely:
  1. Correlative Conjunctions. 
  2. Compound Conjunctions. 
  3. Co-ordinating Conjunctions. 
  4. Subordinate Conjunctions. 

1. Correlative Conjunctions: 

These are used in pairs.


either – or such – that
Neither – nor as-as
Both –and as – so
Though – yet so—that
Whether – or hardly – when
Not only –but also scarcely – when
Such – as no sooner – than

Eg : 

  • Madhavi is either a typist or a teacher.[It means Madhavi is doing two jobs parallely one is Typist andTeacher]. 
  • She can speak neither English nor Hindi.[It means she cannot speak English and Hindi]. 
  • He is both handsome and clever. 
  • Though he tried to convince his boss,[yet] she was not happy with his words. 
  • I don’t know whether she will marry him or continue her studies. [Here, whether expresses doubt]. 
  • He not only wrote song but also sang it.[Here ,this conjunction denotes he wrote the song and he himself sang the song]. 
  • I read such books as Oxford Encyclopedia and Cambrige English Grammar to improve my knowledge. 
  • Vijay is as clever as Ajay.[ Here as-as denotes vijay and Ajay are clevers]. 
  • As you work, so the result is.[ Here, As-so denotes our capability that is how we work that decides our success]. 
  • He went to Agra so that he might see TajMahal. 
  • I had hardly reached home when the phone began ringing. [ In this sentence, hardly reveals that by the time he reached home, he is too tired]. 
  • She had scarcely returned home when someone knocked at the door. [Here also scarcely gives almost same meaning like hardly that she has just reached home]. 
  • we had no sooner started for Hyderabad than our uncle arrived. [In this sentence, no sooner denotes that They are about go to Hyd but by that time their uncle arrived]. 

Compound Conjunctions: 

Group of words which are used as conjunctions are known as Compound Conjunctions.


in order that as though
On condition that in as much as
Even if as well as
So that as soon as
Provided that as if


  • He applied for a job in order that he might help his parents.
  • I can lend you the money on condition that you return it in a month.
  • Even if she is beautiful, I won’t marry her.
  • He saved some money so that he might use it in future.
  • She appears as though she were a film star.[ Here, She is not a film star but she appears like that].
  • Madhavi, as well as her friend, is beautiful. [ It means both are beautiful].
  • As soon as I read the books of Dr.APJ Kalam , I became a big fan of him.[It means very soon I became a fan].

Co-ordinate Conjunctions: 

conjunctions which are used to join together clauses of equal rank are known as Co-ordinate Conjunctions.


 and, but,for,nor,or, also etc.
  • She spoke impressively at the meeting and won the appreciation of all. 
  • I offered to help her but she refused my help. 
  • I must try hard for there is heavy competition. 
  • He is not my friend nor my relative. 
  • You must begin the work today or you will not finish it in time. [Here, or denotes if you don’t start the work, you cannot complete the work]. 

Subordinate Conjunctions: 

Conjunctions which are used to join clauses ofunequal rank are known as Subordinating Cinjunctions.


 After although when
Because till  where
If before  while
That unless than
Though as  

Eg : 

He came after I had finished my work.
  • In this sentence two actions done in past.we should carefully pause the sentence otherwise it changes the meaning. 
This sentence gives two meanings.
  1. He came, after I had finished my work. [ It means first I finished my work later he came]. 
  2. He came after ,I had finished my work. [ It means first he came later I completed my work]. 
  • She was sad because she lost her job. 
  • If you permit me, I will come there. 
  • We believe that Swami Vivekananda was a genius. 
  • Although you are rich, you cannot do everything. 
  • Though he is great ,he is humble. 
  • Wait there till I call you. 
  • Do as I tell you. 
  • My brother had got job before he got married. [It means first my brother got job,later he got marriage]. before conjunction not only connects the sentences but also denotes which action is done first ,which is done next. 
  • Please stay where you are. 
  • She is Watching TV while I am reading. 
  • She wrote the exam better than I expected. 
So, these are the types of conjunctions and their usage.Having awareness about these conjunctions we can connect the sentences effectively.

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