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Energy Transition Index 2018

Published on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Energy transition index

Recently World Economic Forum released Energy transition index. In this context following topics are discussed:
1. key facts from Energy transition index
2. How the index was calculated
3. Top 10 countries in Energy transition index
4. India & Energy transition index
5. Energy transition index & BRICS
6. Other information

Key facts:

  • Name of the index- :   Energy transition index
  • Name of the report- :   Fostering Effective Energy Transition,
  • Released by- :  World Economic Forum
  • Top rank in Energy transition index - :  Sweden
  • Rank of India in Energy transition index - : 78th

How the index was calculated?

Energy transition index countries on how well they are able to balance energy security and access with environmental sustainability and affordability

The report covers three core dimensions of energy-:
1. access and security,
2. sustainability and contribution to economic growth, and
3. Sustainability and contribution to economic development.

Top 10 countries in index:

Name of the Country

Energy transition index & BRICS countries:

Among BRICS countries Brazil stands first in Energy transition index and South Africa ranked last. The ranks of BRICS countries in Energy transition index are:

  • Brazil-30
  • Russia-70
  • India-78
  • China-76
  • South Africa-113

India & Energy Transition Index:

  • The report has mentioned India as one of the largest consumers of Energy. As per report India is at the crossroads in its energy transition journey.
  • According to the report India has taken number of measures to improve energy access, energy efficiency, and also to improve the installation of renewable sources of energy
  • India’s population with considerable size still lacks access to electricity and clean cooking fuel
  • On negative side Energy needs in India are primarily met by fossil fuels like coal, wood which causes severe implications for environmental sustainability.

Other information:

India has set a target of generating 175GW of energy from renewable sources by 2022.
In 175 GW:
  • 100 GW is from solar energy,
  • 60 GW is from wind energy
  • 10 GW is from bio-energy and
  • 5 GW from small hydro energy
India also announced plans to shift completely to electric vehicles by 2030.


1. Which of the following Organization releases Energy Transition Index?
    a. IMF
    b. World Bank
    c. UNSDN
    d. WEF
Ans: d

2. What is the rank of India in Energy Transition Index -2018?
     a. 72
     b. 78
     c. 100
     d. 121
Ans: b

3. What is the target set by India to achieve energy from renewable sources by 2022?
     a. 100 GW
     b. 150 GW
     c. 175 GW
     d. 200 GW
Ans: c
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