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Highlights of Solar Charkha Scheme 2018

Published on Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Solar Charkha Scheme 2018

Key information:

  • Launched on: April 2018 
  • Launched by: the Central government of India 
  • Type of benefit: Employment opportunity 
  • Beneficiary: Women 
  • Budget: Rs 400000 crores 
  • Target: 5 crore jobs across the country 
  • Scheme period: 5 years 


  • To generate employment opportunity for the unemployed women 
  • To give Skill-Based Training this will end in employment generation. 
  • To support local level work for the weak and poor section. 
  • To improve and recover Khadi. 
  • To Promote Green Energy and environment-friendly Khadi Fabric. 
  • To deliver this scheme sustainably and replicable. 


  • The central government of India has taken a tremendous drive to promote and strengthen women empowerment everywhere in the nation by starting a new scheme named Solar Charkha Scheme. 
  • This scheme will secure 5 crore new jobs for women in the country. 
  • This employment system will be started first in the Beed district of Maharashtra because of the favourable condition of the textile industry. 
  • Hence, the government can generate an entire cluster of solar charkha projects there. 
  • This scheme will secure 1100 jobs in every Panchayat and consequently, it will generate a lot of job openings for Indian women. 
  • Solar Charkha Scheme will also support Khadi. This scheme will make assured that the country will retrieve its lost glory in terms of arts and crafts. 
  • This scheme will employ men and women in their bases by generating wealth. 
  • For this scheme, the central government will invest Rs. 40,000 crore in every Lok Sabha constituency over subsequent 5 years. 


  • This scheme means to generate more work openings in the whole country for women and therefore Skill based effective training will be given to the beneficiaries. 
  • This scheme is going to promote the nearly lost natural fabric named Khadi. This scheme will also revive Khadi and it will secure the lost craft once more introduced in the nation to regain the lost richness of the country. 
  • The Khadi Fabric is important to India’s economy and environment. This cloth is environment-friendly and also is a useful option to sustain the Indian economy. 
  • This scheme will be used as a tool to ensure Green Energy in the nation, after all, it will also help the economy. 
  • This scheme is to benefit the economically backward classes of the Indian and also help them by supporting local level enterprises. 
  • This scheme will work as a replicable model for the future and most important task is to make successful this scheme. 
  • This scheme intends to give certain economic possibilities to the people. 
  • This scheme will also promote social development in the nation and this will lead to creating a community which is developed in terms of nation and economy. 
  • Central Government of India is going to start Solar Charkha Mission in order to provide non-conventional solar energy for employment generation. 
  • In addition to this, the central government of India will also develop agro clusters in Rural Area and Industrial Clusters in Urban Area. 
  • The Central Government of India will also start Solar Spindle Mission under this scheme. This scheme will also consist of 500 solar spindles while its batch will contain 4000 spindles. 
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