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How to make Vocabulary Easy to Learn

Published on Thursday, March 22, 2018


A language is based on two things: first is its grammar i.e. how to frame a sentence in that language and second is its vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary is the main source to express one’s feeling easily. In our day to day life when we talk in a well-known language, we use the different word at different times having the same meaning but to express things in a better way. We choose the word which fits that particular situation but with lack of vocabulary knowledge so we can’t be able to express those emotions.
  • But we are humans we remember the things which we seem interesting and which we use or see in our day to day life. So here are some tips to learn and remember the words easily:


Learning is fun when we make it interesting. Make some cards write a particular word and use its synonym with its meaning.

Like the word fight:
A) If it is between two or three individuals, it’s a fight.
B) If there is a war in religion, it’s a crusade.
C) If it is a fight using words, it’s pique.
D) A short confused fight is a scuffle.
E) The uproar of kids in parties and kindergarten or anywhere else is a rumpus.

By this, we can make different flash cards and learn different words having the same meaning but used in a different sense.


  • It is easy to cram different words but the main task is to remember the suitable vocabulary and use the word when needed. For this, we start reading newspaper editorials and jot the difficult words down in our notebook but after some time we don’t remember that particular word, instead of that we use simple vocab which we use in our day to day life that makes our writings less robust.
  • To make the habit of using enhanced vocabulary in our writing we should fabricate a story, recite a poem or just write a journal using the words which we learn. 


we have seen a lot of words having same root words like cide which means killing
A) Biocide-The destruction of life
B) Deicide- Killing of a god
C) Feticide: Destruction of a fetus
D) Filicide- Killing of one’s child
E) Fratricide- Killing of one’s brother
F) Fungicide- A substance for destroying fungus
G) Germicide- A substance for destroying germs
H) Homicide- Killing of a human
I) Infanticide- Killing of an infant
J) Insecticide- A substance for killing insects
K) Mariticide- Killing of one’s spouse
L) Matricide- Killing of one’s mother
M) Patricide- Killing of one’s father
N) Regicide- Killing of a monarch
O) Sororicide- Killing of one’s sister
P) Suicide- Killing of oneself
Q) Tyrannicide- Killing of a tyrant

There are several root words by knowing their meanings we can understand their meanings easily. Like benevolent and malevolent we know bene means good and mal means unpleasant so former simply means a good hearted person and latter means badly hearted i.e. a person who is vicious.


  • Don’t repeat a word several time. Instead of that use its synonyms which can be used at its place.
  • Like alacrity, willingness or eagerness are same. So we can interchange their positions. 
  • Similarly large, enormous, gigantic, gargantuan can be interchanged but exceptions cannot be ignored so to use the words at the right position will be clarified only by reading.


1) Use the vocabulary which you learned frequently.
2) Whenever you talk to someone try to use that word in your conversation.
3) Read from different sources to increase your vocabulary.
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