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One word Substitutes

Published on Saturday, March 10, 2018
One word Substitutes
Do you know? what the use of one-word substitutes in English is?
To compress the language we need to learn one-word substitutes. Substitution means instead of. So to replace a sentence we can use one word. This also makes work more succinct, instead of convoluted. The meaning is identical, yet the sentence is shorter. This adds a complexity to writing.
For Eg: ‘He works for the welfare of women.’ Instead, you can say he is a feminist.
Do you know? An image can save a page. Likewise, one word can concise the matter or pages of information. Now I want to let you know some of the One Word Substitutes.

1. Antiquary: A person who studies, collects or sells ancients relics.

Eg: Rakhesh has a habit of antiquary.

2. Amateur: A person who does something for pleasure not as a job.

Eg: The tournament is open to both amateurs and professionals.

3. Blasphemy: Impious words uttered against God.

Eg: Many people found the film ‘Peeke’ blasphemous.

4. Bigot : A person who has prejudiced religious views.

Eg: Most of the people have bigot beliefs about religion.

5. Bibliophile: A great lover of books.

Eg: Dr. BR Ambedkar was a bibliophile.

6. Cannibal: Man who eats human flesh.

Eg: A tribe of cannibals are living in deepest forests.

7. Celibacy: The state of being unmarried.

Eg: Swami Vivekananda had taken celibacy throughout his life.

8. Complacent: A person who is satisfied with one’s own character and achievement.

Eg: We must not become complacent about progress.

9. Connoisseur: A sensitive critic and judge or expert of an art.

Eg: Leonardo da Vinci was a connoisseur of Italian painting.

10.Dead lock: A situation which brings progress to a stand still or complete failure.

Eg: The strike appeared to have reached deadlock.

11. Despot : A ruler with absolute powers or one who uses it in a cruel way.

Eg: The politician used his power in despotic manner.

12. Encyclopedia: A book which gives information on all branches of knowledge.

Eg: The great Aristotle had an encyclopedic brain. He touched all subjects on the earth except medicine.

13. Extempore: A speech delivered without previous preparation.

Eg: She has an ability to deliver extempore speeches.

14. Effeminate: A person who has female qualities.

Eg: His behavior seems to be effeminate.

15. Eccentric: A person who has strange habits.

Eg: Most people considered him a harmless eccentric.

16. Fanatic: A person filled with excessive religious sentiments.

Eg: He is fanatical about religious issues.

17. Fortitude: The quality of courage in adverse circumstances.

Eg: Subhash Chandra Bose had shown his fortitude in freedom movement.

18. Fiasco: A matter which ends in failure or disaster.

Eg: What a fiasco the cyclone is!

19. Fallible: A person who is prone to make mistakes.

Eg: All human beings are fallible.

20. Fatalist: A person who believes fate.

Eg: Ramesh is always a fatalist.

21. Famish: A person who suffers from starvation.

Eg: When’s lunch? I am famished!

22. Genocide: The killing of a race.

Eg: As a result of genocide in the small nation, thousands of children have now become homeless orphans.

23. Hedonist: A person who lives for pleasure.

Eg: Naresh is a hedonist.

24. Honorary: A post for which no salary is paid.

Eg: Geetha is an honorary director of the Company.

25. Harangue: A prolonged and noisy speech before a large audience.

Eg: He delivered a harangue speech.

26. Invulnerable: That cannot be wounded or defeated.

Eg: Vivekananda confidence is invulnerable by anybody.

27. Isthmus: Narrow neck of land connecting two bigger land masses.

Eg: Between Ireland and England there is an isthmus.

28. Impunity: Exemption from punishment.

Eg: He got impunity from his teacher.

29. Loquacious: A person who talks much.

Eg: Himani is a loquacious.

30. Lucrative: An undertaking or profession that fetches handsome profit.

Eg: Ramya started a lucrative business.

One Word Substitution list PDF

31. Linguist: A person who is well-versed in many languages.

Eg: Dr Samuel Johnson was a famous linguist.

32. Latent: Power is hidden in a man.

Eg: Every man has latent talent inside.

33. Livery: A dress meant for servants.

Eg: The manager distributed a livery for the people.

34. Liturgy: A kind of public worship in a church.

Eg: The preacher has just completed the liturgy.

35. Misanthrope: A person who hates mankind.

Eg: Hitler was a Misanthrope [especially hated Jews].

36. Monopoly: the complete control of trade in particular goods.

Eg: In the past central government had a monopoly on television broadcasting.

37. Misogynist: A person who hates woman.

Eg: He is a misogynist.

38. Misogamist: A person who hates marriage.

Eg: Vijay is a misogamist.

39. Monotheism: A belief that there is only one God.

Eg: Buddhism supports monotheism.

40. Maiden: A speech delivered for the first time.

Eg: The maiden speech made by Swami Vivekananda in Chicago.

41. Matin: Morning Prayer in a church.

Eg: The Bishop has completed matin just now.

42. Neologism: A new word coined by an author.

Eg: The word realism neologised by Champfleury, a French novelist.

43. Novice: A person who is new to a trade or profession.

Eg: Pratap is a novice to this business.

44. Notorious: A person noted for bad reputation.

Eg: Nepolian was a notorious ruler.

45. Obituary: A notification or a notice of a person’s death in newspaper.

Eg: An obituary was published in newspapers on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's life.

46. Pedant: A person who has keen desire to show off his knowledge and learning.

Eg: Vinay is a pedant.

Finally, I want to conclude that learning these one-word substitutions you can learn to write and speak effectively. To test your effectiveness these are given in all the competitive examinations.

Thank you.
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