Nationalities of Famous Personalities

Personality Nationality
Abraham Lincoln USA
Adolf Hitler Germany (Born Austria)
Albert Einstein USA (born Germany)
Alexander the Grate Macedonia
Alfred Bernhard Nobel Sweden
Benito Mussolini Italy
Charlie Chaplin England
Christiaan Barnard South Africa
Christopher Columbus Italy
Florence Nightingale Italy
Galileo Galilei Italy
Leonardo De Vinci Italy
Louis Braille France
Mao Tse-tung China
Martin Luther King USA
Napoleon Bonaparte France
Neil Armstrong USA
Nelson Mandela South Africa
Otto Von Bismarck Germany
Pele Brazil
Sir Donald Bradman Australia
Sir Edmund Hillary New Zealand
Sir Isaac Newton England
Sir Winston Churchill Britain
Vasco da Gama Portugal
Vladimir Lenin Russia
Walt Disney USA
William Shakespeare England
Yuri Gagarin Russia

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