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RBI Grade B 2019 Course - Schedule

Hi Students
Here we are sharing the course schedule for RBI Grade B 2019 Course by Team BankExamsToday. Here you will find the lectures uploaded in the course and the schedule for upcoming lectures and notes as well. 

Week I & II: June 11, 2018- June 22, 2018

Phase II

Economic and Social Issues Finance and Management- Concepts Financial Terms
Economic Problem and Opportunity Cost- Video + Notes+ Quiz Derivative Part 1- Video Bonds- Video+Notes
Marginal Opportunity Cost- Video+notes+ Quiz Forward Contract- Video Derivative- Video
Consumer Behaviour Video 1+ Notes Difference Between Forward and Future Contract-Video Mutual Funds- Video+ Notes
Consumer Equilibrium Video +Notes Participation in Derivative Market- Video Debt Securitisations
Option Contract and Option Geek- Video Corporate Restructures- Video
What are swaps?- Video
Doubt Clearing- Video
Range and Participation of Forward Contract- Video

Phase I

English Language

1. Reading Comprehension Video I- Upcoming
2. Reading Comprehension Video II- Upcoming
3. Reading Comprehension Video III- Upcoming

Link to RBI Grade B 2019 Course

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