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Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement

Name of the Unit Used to Measure
Ampere Electric Current
Calorie Quantity of Heat
Carat Purity of Gold
Celsius (Centigrade) Temperature
Decibel Sound
Diopter Power of a lens
Fahrenheit Temperature
Joule Energy
Kelvin Temperature
Knot Speed of a Ship
Light Year Distance in Space
Newton Force
Ream Sheets of Paper
Watt Electric Power

Conversion Factors

1 Inch 2.54 cm
12 inch 1 Foot
3 Feet 1 Yard
1 Mile 1.6 Km
1 Nautical Mile 1.85 Km
1 Ounce 28.35g
16 Ounce 1 Pound
1 Pound 454 g
1 Tonne 1,000 Kg
1 Gallon (UK) 4.55 Litres
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