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Reasoning Quiz for RBI Grade B - Part 4

Published on Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Reasoning Quiz for RBI Grade B - Part 4

Seating Arrangement:

Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are sitting around a circular table facing towards centre and are of different heights. The number of persons sitting between E and F is
three. F is taller than E. C is sitting 3rd to the right of H. H is taller than B but shorter than A. C is shorter than D. H is neighbour of both D and A, who is immediate left of E. None of H and C is adjacent to F. The immediate left of B is shortest. E is shorter than only one person. The number of persons shorter than A is one less than the number of persons taller than him. 2nd highest person is of 178cm height and 3rd shortest person is of 160cm height. Shortest person is 40cm less than the tallest person.

Question no. 1

Who is sitting exactly between shortest person and tallest person?
A) B
B) A
C) C
E) H

Question no. 2

Who is sitting 2nd to the left of D?
A) B
B) A
C) The one who is second shortest.
D) The one who is tallest
E) Both options A & C

Qusetion no. 3

The tallest person is 7cm more height than E, then what is the height of shortest person?
A) Cannot Determined
B) 145
C) 135
D) 150
E) 131

Question no. 4

If the heights of D and A is 176cm and 170cm respectively, what is the possible height of C?
A) 169
B) 177
C) 174
D) 167
E) 178

Question no. 5

Who is sitting immediate left of C?
A) The person who is 178cm height
B) A
C) F
D) The person who is 160 cm height.
E) None


There are eight cars of each of eight companies Tata, Maruti, Nissan, Audi, Benz, Toyota, Mahendra, BMW are delivered on 7, 14, 18, 25 of months June and July. The information regarding is provided as: Only two cars are delivered between Mahendra and Benz, which is delivered on the date multiple of five. Only one car is delivered and is not Tata, between Maruti and Mahendra, which delivered on a prime number date. Not more than one car is delivered before BMW. Audi is not delivered before Nissan and Tata. Nissan is delivered immediately before Mahendra but not in same months. The number of cars delivered before Toyota is same as cars delivered after Audi. Tata is not delivered in June.

Question no. 6

Which company’s car is delivered on 25th June?
A) Benz
B) Maruti
C) Nissan
E) Tata

Question no. 7

Which company’s car is delivered after Audi?
A) Maruti
B) Tata
C) Nissan
D) Benz
E) Mahendra

Question no. 8

Four of the following are alike and one is different from others. Which of the following is different from others?
B) Toyota
C) Maruti
D) Nissan
E) Mahendra

Question no. 9

When the car of Toyota is delivered?
A) July 14
B) June 14
C) July 18
D) June 18
E) June 7

Question no. 10

Which of the following combinations of date – car is true?
A) June 18th – Maruti
B) July 7th – Mahendra
C) July 18th – Audi
D) July 25th – Benz
E) All are true

Answer and Explanation:

Answer : 1. D. person B and A are both are exactly between F and G
Answer:  2. E
Answer:  3. B
Answer:  4. C
Answer:  5. A

F     E(178 cm)     D     C     A     H(160 cm)     B     G

Note: All are facing towards centre.

Answer: 6. C
Answer: 7. D
Answer: 8. E
Answer: 9. B
Answer: 10. E

Month  / Date 7th 14th 18th 25th
June BMW Toyota Maruti Nissan
July Mahendra Tata Audi Benz
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