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Tricks to learn Classical Dance Forms

Published on Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Classical dances are traditionally regional and all of them include music and recitation in local language or Sanskrit, and they represent a unity of core ideas in a diversity of styles, costumes and expression. Indian classical dance is made from India and classical dance is played by various actors.
Below is a list of classical dance forms of India as per Ministry of Culture and tricks to learn them effectively and quickly. From these dance forms 1 or 2 questions often asked in many competitive exams of Banking and SSC.

1) Andhra Pradesh

KuchiPudi dance is famous in Andhra Pradesh.
Trick Dance Forms
Kachi / Puri Kuchipudi

2) Assam

Riya performed on Sattriya dance form of Assam on Independence day function in school
Trick Dance Forms
Sath / Riya Sattriya

3) Kerala

Mohini Organize the Katha before opening ceremony of Mohini Dance Academy
Trick Dance Forms
Katha / Kalayi Kathakali
Mohini Mohiniattam

4) Tamil Nadu

Bharat Natyam is famous Dance form of Tamil Nadu
Trick Dance Forms
Bharat / Natak Bharat Natyam

5) Manipur

Jago Grahak Jago campaign launches in Manipur
Trick Dance Forms
Manipuri Manipuri
Jagte Jagoi

6) Odisha

Odissi dance famous in Odisha
Trick Dance Forms
Odissi Odissi

7) Gujarat

Gujarat ki Daya Ben ko to bas Garba krne ka bahana chahiye
Trick Dance Forms
Garba Garba

8) Uttar Pradesh

Kathak Dance Uttar Pradesh se le kar Pure North India main famous hain
Trick Dance Forms
Kathak Kathak

9) West Bengal

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom new song pure West Bengal mai Chha gaya
Trick Dance Forms
Chha Chhau

10) Telangana

Kuchipudi dance is famous in Telangana
Trick Dance Forms
Kachi / Puri Kuchipudi
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