Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana

Published on Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana

  • Launch Date: July 2014
  • Initial allocation: Rs. 100.00 Crore for 2014-15


  • Improving the quality of life and education in tribal areas
  • Qualitative and sustainable employment for tribal families
  • Bridging infrastructural gaps
  • Protection of tribal culture and heritage


  • Strengthen the institutions and mechanisms which is done by addressing all the bottlenecks and issues at the administrative, technical and financial level.
  • Converge all the resources and activities which are centred on tribal welfare, that will add more synergy and help speed up the progress of such areas.
  • Proper and streamlined planning in which outcomes can be measured and monitored which will depend on the assessments of Panchayat Raj institutions.
  • Monitor the funds allocated for tribal welfare and ensure that they reach the target areas and people for the designated schemes. 
  • To monitor the implementation and progress of various tribal welfare schemes, Project Implementation Cell will set up at Central Government level with Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • Through VKY, it is envisaged to develop the backward blocks in the Schedule V States also ensuring the following:
    • Qualitative and sustainable employment.
    • Emphasis on quality education & higher education.
    • Accelerated economic development of tribal area
    • Health for all.
    • Housing for all.
    • Safe drinking water for all at doorsteps.
    • Irrigation facilities suited to the terrain.
    • All weather roads with connectivity to the nearby town/cities.
    • Universal availability of electricity.
    • Urban development.
    • Robust institutional mechanism to roll the vehicle of development with sustainability.
    • Promotion and conservation of Tribal Cultural Heritage.
    • Promotion of Sports in Tribal Areas.

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