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GDPR Readiness Index: Highlights

Published on Wednesday, February 27, 2019
GDPR Readiness Index: Highlights


  • The report is published by CISCO on Data privacy benchmark study. The GDPR became enforceable in May 2018.


  • India is ranked 6th in GDPR Readiness index.
  • Nearly 65 per cent of Indian organisations are better prepared for the European Union's GDPR.
  • India greatly improved upon its GDPR readiness with its fast-evolving data privacy ecosystem, which is primarily because of a collaborative approach by the government and private organisations.
  • Only 37% of GDPR-ready companies experienced a data breach costing more than $500,000, compared with 64% of the least GDPR-ready companies
  • A/c to the report, organisations that invested in maturing their data privacy practices are realizing the benefits that these investments are resulting in.
  • It showed that 59% of organisations across the world reported meeting all or most of the requirements, 29% expect to do so within a year and 9% estimate compliance will take more than a year.
  • The study showed organisations that invested to meet GDPR norms experienced shorter delays in selling to existing customers at 3.4 weeks as compared to 5.4 weeks for the least GDPR ready organisations.
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