Global Energy Transition Index 2019: Highlights

Published on Thursday, March 28, 2019
Global Energy Transition Index 2019: Highlights


  • The report is released by World Economic Forum. The report ranks 115 economies on their ability to balance energy security and access with environmental sustainability and affordability.

Key Findings

  • Sweden has been ranked on the top and is followed by Switzerland and Norway.
  • Countries around the world are upping the share of renewables in their energy mixes but not doing it quickly enough to meet the Paris Agreement goal.
  • The report says in order to achieve a stable, sustainable and affordable global energy system will require a collaborative and systematic approach to solving problems and exploiting opportunities such as new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
  • The report says despite the diversity of top-performing nations in their primary energy mix, systems and resources, they all share certain characteristics, demonstrating a combination of technical advances and effective policy-making and implementation.
  • Countries with high scores performed well on their readiness for energy transition.
  • Countries at the bottom of the ranking often lack effective regulatory frameworks and suffer from political instability.
  • Despite high contribution from energy sector to economic development and growth due to large fossil fuel reserves, Nigeria has been ranked in the bottom 10% of countries in the report, with low overall system scores and lack of enabling infrastructure.
  • China is ranked even lower than India at 82nd position, though it ranks very high at seventh place in the world for regulation and political commitment.

Top-ranked countries:

Rank Country Score
1. Sweden 74.9%
2. Switzerland 74.3%
3. Norway 73.4%
4. Finland 73%
5. Denmark 72.2%
Global Energy Transition Index 2019: Highlights

India's Performance

  • India moved up two places to rank on 76th on Global Energy Transition Index 2019 which was ranked at 78th position last year.
  • The country is also amongst the countries with high pollution levels and has relatively high level of CO2 intensity in its energy system.
  • India scored low in terms of system performance (ranking 97 and 86, respectively), it ranks considerably higher when it comes to readiness (45 and 61, respectively).
  • In the BRICS block of emerging economies, India is the second best with Brazil being the best at 46th place globally.
  • India is the only amongst the five economies that had improved its ranking since last year.

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