World Happiness Report 2019: Key Facts

Published on Tuesday, March 26, 2019
World Happiness Report 2019: Key Facts


  • The report is released by Sustainable Development Solutions Networks for the United Nations by the General Assembly. It ranks the countries of the world on the basis of questions primarily from the Gallup World Poll. This is the 7th report of WHR the first being released in April 2012.

Key Finding

  • Finland has topped this year's ranking for the second consecutive year.
  • The second and third position is held by Denmark and Norway respectively.
  • The report also noted that there has been an increase in negative emotions, which includes worry, sadness & anger across the world.
  • It also states that overall world happiness has fallen over past few years.
  • None of the world’s major economic powerhouses made it to the top 10.
  • War torn South Sudan people are the most unhappy with their lives.
  • Top ranked countries:
    1. Finland (7.77/10)
    2. Denmark (7.60)
    3. Norway (7.55)
    4. Iceland (7.50)
    5. Netherlands (7.49)
  • Countries at the bottom:
    1. South Sudan (156) (2.05/10)
    2. Cen African Rep (155) (3.08)
    3. Afghanistan (154) (3.20)
    4. Tanzania (153) (3.23)
    5. Rawanda (152) (3.33)

India's Performance

  • India has been ranked at 140th place a drop of 7 spots from last years' rankings.
  • India has featured in list of five countries that had the largest drop since 2005-2008 in the index, along with Yemen, Syria, Botswana and Venezuela.

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