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Puzzle Questions for SBI Clerk 2019 - Part 2

Published on Friday, May 03, 2019
Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
Six friends- Hetal, Jayshree, Rohini, Meena, Nidhi and Swati, stay in different areas of a city i.e. Dadar, Matunga, Mulund, Vikhroli, Thane and Kanjurmarg but not necessarily in the same order. All six have different hobbies which are singing, dancing, drawing, travelling, cooking and reading but not necessarily in the same order.
Hetal stays in Vikhroli and her hobby is neither dancing nor reading. The one whose hobby is
travelling stays in Mulund. Jayshree's hobby is drawing and she does not stay in either Dadar or Matunga. Meena stays in Kanjurmang and her hobby is cooking. Rohini likes reading but she and Nidhi do not stay in Matunga.

Question no. 1

What is Swati's hobby?
B) Dancing
C) Reading
D) Travelling
E) None of these

Question no. 2

Whose hobby is singing?
A) Nidhi
B) Rohini
C) Swati
E) None of these

Question no. 3

Whose hobby is travelling?
A) Hetal
B) Swati
C) Nidhi
D) Rohini
E) None of these

Question no. 4

Where does Jayshree stay?
A) Thane
B) Vikhroli
C) Kanjurmarg
D) Mulund
E) None of these

Question no. 5

Where does Rohini stay?
A) Matunga
B) Mulund
C) Thane
D) Dadar
E) None of these


Friends Area Hobby
Hetal Vikhroli Singing
Jayshree Thane Drawing
Rohini Dadar Reading
Meena Kanjurmarg Cooking
Nidhi Mulund Travelling
Swati Matunga Dancing
Answer no. 1: Swati's hobby is dancing.
Answer no. 2: Hetal's hobby is singing.
Answer no. 3: Nidhi's hobby is travelling.
Answer no. 4: Jayshree stays in Thane.
Answer no. 5: Rohini stays in Dadar.

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