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Global Childhood Report 2019: Key Facts

Published on Saturday, June 29, 2019
Global Childhood Report 2019: Key Facts
  • United Kingdom's "Save the Children" organisation released the Global Childhood Report 2019 in the commemoration of 100 years of its foundation. The organisation was founded in 1919.
  • The Global Childhood Report 2019 is a report to check the progress of children and find out various factors affecting childhood. This is the third annual Global Childhood Report. The report also has a comparison index i.e. End of Childhood Index which compares the overall situation of children from the year 2000 to 2019.

Major Global Findings

  • The End of Childhood Index compares the overall situation of children in 176 countries between 2000 and 2019. The index found that the situation of children has improved in 173 countries out of 176 since 2000.
  • Singapore has topped the ranking with a score of 989 and the Central African Republic has been ranked last among 176 countries. It has a score of 394. (The score of the countries is calculated on a scale of 1 to 1000.)
  • An estimated number of 970 million children were not able to live their childhoods due to various causes in 2000 and this number has reduced to 690 million today. It means at least 280 million children are in better conditions than in 2000.
  • Progress around the world has saved millions of children since 2000. At present-
    • 4.4 million Fewer children die per year than in 2000. 
    • The problem of stunting has reduced and there is a decline of 33% in child stunting rate across the world. This has resulted in 49 million fewer stunted children than before. 
    • More children go to school and there are 115 million fewer children out of school. There is a decline of 33% of out-of-school children worldwide. 
    • Child labour has reduced by 40% and at present, there are 94 million fewer child labourers.
    • Marriage of girls has reduced and there are 11 million fewer married girls than in 2000. There is a decline of 25% in Global child-marriage rate. 
    • Now, there are 3 million fewer teen births per year with a decline of 22% in the adolescent birth rate worldwide. 
    • There are 12,000 fewer child homicides per year than 2000. There is a decrease of 17%. 
  • There is a decline of 49% in the under-5 mortality rate across the world and the lives of over 50 million children have been saved since 2000. 
  • More than 130 million children gained access to education since 2000 and over 60 per cent of these children are girls but still, they face difficulty in attaining education. 

Top 5 and Bottom 5 countries in the End of Childhood Index 2019

Top 5 Countries Bottom 5 Countries
Singapore- Rank 1 South Sudan- Rank 172
Sweden- Rank 2 Mali- Rank 173
Finland- Rank 3 Chad- Rank 174
Norway- Rank 4 Niger- Rank 175
Slovenia- Rank 5 Central African Republic- Rank 176

Global Progress

  • Sierra Leone has been ranked 160 in the index with a score of 591. It has achieved an increase of 246-points and improved from a score of 345 in 2000.
  • Rwanda has an increase of 241 points in its score which rose from 503 to 744. Rwanda has been ranked 125th.
  • Ethiopia's score increased from 414 to 651. There is an increase of 237 points in its score.
  • The increase in the score of Niger is more than double since 2000. The score of Niger has increased from 167 to 402.

Success Stories

  • This report also includes case studies of countries that have made strong progress in improving children’s situation. The report has praised the performances of countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mexico, Philippines, India, Afghanistan and Colombia.

India Specific findings

  • India has been ranked 113th in the list with a score of 769. India’s score has increased by 137 points due to an improvement in child health and survival.
  • Teen births have reduced by 63% in India since 2000 and 75% since 1990. This reduction in teen births has resulted in over 2 million fewer teen births in India now as compared to the year 2000.
  • India has made great progress and saved millions of girls from early marriage. Child marriage in India has reduced by 51 per cent since 2000.
  • India has a 70% reduction in child labour.
  • Children deaths after the first month and before age 5 have reduced by 70% in India since 2000.

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