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Asia Power Index 2019: Highlights

Asia Power Index 2019: Highlights


  • The report has been released by Lowy Institute which is an Australian think tank. It measures overall power of 25 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region.

Key Findings

  • The index has been topped by the United States which claimed the top spot in four out of eight indices.
  • China which is the emerging superpower is the highest gainer in 2019 Asia Power Index.
  • North Korea’s high stakes in power game has paid off.
  • The middle powers Malaysia, Vietnam and New Zealand are the most improved.
  • Australia’s power in this year’s index has remained almost same and Taiwan is down.
  • Top ranked countries:
    1. United States (Score – 84.5) 
    2. China (75.9) 
    3. Japan (42.5) 
    4. India (41.0) 
    5. Russia (35.4) 
  • Bottom-ranked countries: 
    1. Sri Lanka (Rank-21/Score-8.5) 
    2. Cambodia (22/7.7) 
    3. Laos (23/6.4) 
    4. Mongolia (24/6.2) 
    5. Nepal (25/4.7) 
  • Following are the countries with the most improved scores
    1. China +1.4 
    2. North Korea +1.3 
    3. Malaysia +1.2 
    4. New Zealand +1.0 
    5. Vietnam +1.0 
Asia Power Index 2019: Highlights

India’s Performance

  • India has been ranked at 4th place with a score of 41.0
  • The country is an underachiever relative to size and potential.
  • It is lacking the control over economic resources allocation.
Asia Power Index 2019: Highlights


1. Lowy Institute which releases Asia Power Index is a_____?
a. Australian think tank
b. Australian NGO
c. Chinese think tank
d. Chinese NGO

2. Asia Power Index ranks how many countries?
a. 23
b. 24
c. 25
d. 26
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