Global Liveability Index 2019: Key Facts

Published on Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Global Liveability Index 2019


  • The index is prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). It ranks 140 global cities on the basis of their living conditions. The index assesses the locations which provide the best or the worst living conditions around the world. The cities are ranked on a score between 1 & 100, with a score close to 100 means the best city to live and are considered as ideal. Cities having a rating of 80 or more have few challenges to living standards, while a score of less than 50 means most aspects of living restricted.

Key Highlights

  • The index has been topped by Vienna (Austria) for the second consecutive year and is followed by Melbourne (Australia) and Sydney (Australia).
  • Damascus (Syria), Lagos (Nigeria), Dhaka (Bangladesh) has been ranked at the bottom of the index.
  • Among BRICS countries, Suzhou (China) has been ranked the best which stood at 89th.
  • There isn’t a single city in top 10 from the United States and the best city i.e. Honolulu is ranked at 22nd.
  • New York has been ranked at 58th due to low scores in infrastructure and stability and with a high risk of crime and terrorism.
  • The index rates cities on 30 qualitative and quantitative criteria, which falls into five categories:
    1. Stability (Weightage: 25% of total)
    2. Healthcare (20% of total)
    3. Culture and environment (25% of total)
    4. Education (10% of total)
    5. Infrastructure (20% of total)
  • Each factor is rated as acceptable, tolerable, uncomfortable, undesirable or intolerable.
  • For qualitative indicators, the rating is awarded based on the judgement of in-house analysts and in-city contributors while for quantitative, a rating is calculated based on the relative performance of the number of external data points.

Performance of India

  • New Delhi is the most liveable city in India and is dropped by six places and thus ranked at 118th position.
  • The capital dropped due to low culture and environment score and also fall in stability score due to increase in crime rate.
  • Mumbai also saw a drop of two places in ranking to rank at 119th.
  • Rise in crime rates, constraint liveability are some of the factors for decline in the liveability in Indian cities.


Q: 1. Global liveability index ranks ____countries?
a. 135
b. 140
c. 145
d. 150

Explanation: The Global Liveability Index ranks 140 countries based on their living conditions. It also rates countries based on 30 qualitative and quantitative criteria which fall into 5 categories.

Q: 2. New Delhi saw a drop of how many places to rank at 118th?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

Explanation: The Indian capital saw a drop of six places to rank at 118th place due to factors like increase in crime rate etc.

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