Reading Comprehension for RBI Grade B exam- Phrase 2

The RC passages are a crucial part for the descriptive paper. Though it is time consuming but is a kind of necessary evil. For doing well in RCs, you must have a reading habit to quickly grab the key things for the answers that will improve your performance.

Expected Topics for Reading Comprehensions

  • Social Issues 
  • Banking
  • Taxation
  • Economy
  • RBI

Key Points

  • Read the questions carefully. Sometimes you are asked to ‘select the word ”opposite” in meaning rather than ”similar” ‘. Make sure you don’t read the question in hurry and might end up writing the wrong answer.
  • In case you don’t know the exact meaning of word for the Vocabulary questions, that is fine, just read the passage again see what context of word could it be then predict the meaning for the word.
  • To answer the questions like, ‘What does the author wants to convey in this article or What is the theme of this article etc., Read the first and last paragraph to get the gist of the passage.
  • Make a habit of reading online so that you are able to read quickly and understand the gist of the passage.

Tips for RCs

  • Quickly read the questions first
  • Actively read the passage and just focus on it
  • Don’t rush while reading, you might miss out the main idea
  • Re-read if you didn’t understand something
  • Summarize each paragraph in your mind
  • Write down the key points very briefly
  • While writing the answers, DONOT copy answers from the passage
  • Practice, Practice & Practice

Kinds of Expected Questions

• Related to the theme of the article?
• What does the author wants to convey?
• What issues are addressed in the passage?
• Vocabulary based questions
• Based on True and Untrue Statements
• Context of the passage

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