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IBPS SO Marketing Mains Question Paper PDF - 25 January 2020

Published on Saturday, February 29, 2020

Question no. 1

Value Creation Practices - Grooming (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1)

Question no. 2

Brand value calculation – Definition (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1)

Question no. 3

Price Skimming/Penetration – (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1, 2 Q no. 14, 8)

Question no. 4

Sampling (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7) (Video Lecture: Sampling)

Question no. 5

Which option not belong to (some particular name) Sampling? Options - Stratified Sampling, Cluster sampling, Quota Sampling, etc.(Video Lecture: Sampling)

Question no. 6

Not Holistic Marketing Concept – (Test Series 2020 - Set no 2 Q no 39)

Question no. 7

BCG matrix (Test Series 2020 - Set No 3 Q no 2/ set no 4 q no 18) 

Question no. 8

High Market Share and High Market Growth is characteristic of which business unit in BCG Matrix? Ans. Star

Question no. 9

Marketing Mix - 4 P's of Marketing  (Test Series 2020 - Set no 4 Q no 24) (Video Lecture: Basic of Marketing)

Question no. 10

Which among does not belong to 4Ps of Marketing mix? Option - Place, price, promotion, people, product.

Question no. 11

Market Segmentation (Psychographic segment) (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25)

Question no. 12

Which options not/belongs to psychographics segmentation.

Question no. 13

Taglines of Bank of Baroda and Bank of India  - Banks with Headquarters, Chairman and Tag Lines

Question no. 14

Strategic Marketing - (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 3 Q no. 4)

Question no. 15

Market Segmentation (Demographic segment) (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25) (Video Lecture: Demographic Environment)

Question no. 16

Which does not belong to demographic Segmentation? Ans. Motivation

Question no. 17

Motivation Theory (Hertzberg theory)

Question no. 18

Total Quality Management (Video Lecture: Total Quality Management)

Question no. 19

Market Segmentation (Car manufacturers, dealers, and auto parts are of which types of the segment)?(Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25) (Video Lecture: Market Segmentation)

Question no. 20

Segmentation of older people in the bank for a higher rate of interest - Ans. Customer segment. (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25) (Video Lecture: Market Segmentation)

Question no. 21

Positioning Strategy - (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 3 Q no. 6) (Video Lecture: Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy)

Question no. 22

High share High Growth –  (Test Series 2020 - Set no 3 Q no 16)

Question no. 23

Not Sales Promotion –  (Test Series 2020 - Set No 3 Q no 22)

Question no. 24

Meta market –  (Test Series 2020 - Set No 3 Q no 25)

Question no. 25

Pricing (Test Series 2020 - Set No 4 Q no 35)

Question no. 26

Price Discrimination (Test Series 2020 - Set No 5 Q no 42)

Question no. 27

Motivation Theory (Video Lecture: Maslow's Hierarchy Theory)

Question no. 28

Digi Bank, India's first online bank- Ans. Dsb bank

Question no. 29

The slogan "We develop leaders, who develop people, who develop business." belongs to which business School? Ans. Harvard Business School

Question no. 30

Country Manager Google (India)– Sanjay Gupta (List of Appointments)

Question no. 31

Dant Kanti of which company (Top Brands and Companies who owns them)

Question no. 32

Dettol of which company (Top Brands and Companies who owns them)

Question no. 33

Qualitative research techniques  (Video Lecture: Market research)

Question no. 34

Loyal but very rare customers—bernacles  

Question no. 35

Global Marketing  

IBPS SO Marketing Officer 2021 Course by Ramandeep Singh

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Question no. 36

Microenvironment  (Video Lecture: Types of Marketing Environment)

Question no. 37

Kotler's definition of exchange + 5 characteristics of exchange as per Kotler  

Question no. 38

Services Marketing

Question no. 39

Finance (Net Present Value)  (Video Lecture: Capital Budgeting)

Question no. 40

Brand Name Attributes 

Question no. 41

Mission Statement  (Video Lecture: Strategic Marketing Planning)

Question no. 42

Strategic Business Unit  (Video Lecture: Basics of Marketing)

Question no. 43

Loyal Customers, who buy products once in a year are called? Option - Barnacles, True Friends, Barnacles, Strangers

Question no. 44

Big Basket as compare to Alibaba which distribution technique used.  

Question no. 45

All women related market which is in which city?Ans. Manipur, Imphal

Question no. 46

Blue Ocean Strategy

Question no. 47

Time Series Analysis

Question no. 48

Branding strategies adopted by nestle and Cadbury (Video Lecture: Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy)   (Video Lecture: Products & Services Decision)

Question no. 49

Top 5 market share in the world. Ans. Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway

Question no. 50

Ima Kaithal is run in which place?  Ans. Manipur, Imphal

Question no. 51

Michel porter's value chain  (Video Lecture: Generic Strategies for Competitive Advantage)

Question no. 52

Top 5 companies having good customer loyalty in 2019. Ans: 1. Amazon for online Retail, 2. Google, 3. Samsung, 4. Amazon for Tablets and 5. Apple for Tablets

Question no. 53

Nestle and Cadbury use which type of branding- Ans. Corporate branding  (Video Lecture: Products & Services Decision)

Question no. 54

Top 5 customer loyalty companies according to luxury consumption index 2019 among Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Twitter, Google that doesn't come in top 5 - Ans. Twitter

Question no. 55

Highest luxury goods consuming country- Ans. China

Question no. 56

Giving higher interest rates for senior citizen is what kind of practice in banks compared to other account holders? ("Practice" I remember like so). Options include - Differential Pricing, Segmentation/Priority (remember like so). (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25)(Video Lecture: Market Segmentation) (Video Lecture: Pricing)

Question no. 57

Among the given options what is not the intention of Advertising? Option - make people aware, to reinforce the interest over product, to give discounts, to make a behavioural change of the customer.

Question no. 58

Which options not/belongs to behavioural segmentation? (Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25) (Video Lecture: Market Segmentation)

Question no. 59

Customer Behaviour, Customer Behaviour Matrix Question: The method company use to measure consumer behaviour towards the product? (question to measure customers behaviour/attitude related to the product) Option- Brand loyalty index, Customer behaviour study etc.

Question no. 60

A Company segmented two segments of women of ages between 30-40. One segments of housewives and second segment of Working women and the certain product was introduced/feedback was collected. But the result found the same. .............................. is the error in this kind of practice. Option - Segmentation, differentiation etc.(Test Series 2020 - Set no. 1 Q no. 7, 25) (Video Lecture: Market Segmentation)

Question no. 61

"Exchange" is the process of?

Question no. 62

If we sell a product to America and in return, we accept partial payment and some commodity are called? Option - barter system, exchange of goods, etc.

Question no. 63

Recently which country becomes top in use of luxury goods? Options - Russia, USA, India, Japan etc.

Question no. 64

Which among the following does not belong to Maslow's need hierarchy theory? Option - Need, Safety, Personality/Motivation (a particular term), Esteem, Self-Actualization. (Video Lecture: Maslow's Hierarchy Theory)

Question no. 65

Price Skimming should not be done on which situations? Option - When Competition and demand are high, when different competitors are present, (like this) etc.

Question no. 66

What marketing strategy should a producer accept if our competitor has the same product with good features? (Video Lecture: Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy)

Question no. 67

Which can be controlled easily by a producer in a global market/ when enter into a new market/nation (remember so)? Option - Supply chain, Political/Social factors/ Technological Factors, Economic factors etc. (Video Lecture: Marketing Environment)

Question no. 68

Milk, bread, etc. belong to what kind of products? Option - Specialty Products, Convenience products, Shopping products, unsought products.

Question no. 69

Among the following which is not a sensory way to feel a product? Option - Touch, See, Hear, Digest, Smell.

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