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Bank of India Credit Officer 2020: Exam Analysis

Published on Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Bank of India Credit Officer 2020 exam held on 6th December 2020. As expected it was an easy paper. In General Awareness questions were asked from RBI Circulars and Banking Awareness Digests and the Professional Knowledge section was also easy.

List of Questions asked in Professional Knowledge 

Ques 1: Mudra product and offerings 
Ques 2: NBFC/ Bank Gold limit as per RBI 
Ques 3: Farmers give loan as per which card? 
Ques 4: NPA, Standard, Doubtful 1,2 and 3 loss asset time limit 
Ques 5: Capital Market and the Stock Market is regulated by? 
Ques 6: PSL Swelling proposal for construction, purchase, reconstruction, renovate, repairs 
Ques 7: Moratorium time limit – 6 months 
Ques 8: Consortium – several banks / financial institutions finance a single borrower 
Ques 9: Mortgage 
Ques 10: Lien 
Ques 11: Bancassurance 
Ques 12: IPO limit 
Ques 13: CRAR Ratio of NBFC/ AFC 
Ques 14: SARFAESI- Full form 
Ques 15: Indian Accounting Standards, which section and which year? 
Ques 16: Risk threshold time limit 
Ques 17: UCB may be placed under, SAF when it occurs losses for 2 consecutive financial years 
Ques 18: Doubling farmers income by 2022 
Ques 19: RAR CRAR- 9% 
Ques 20: CRAR Ratio excluding SBF 
Ques 21: Turnover method 
Ques 22: Capital Conservation Buffer 
Ques 23: Problem: Straight-line depreciation – Sum of years 
Ques 24: Problem: Debt Service Coverage Ratio 
Ques 25: Problem: Working Capital 
Ques 26: Financial Guarantee, Performance Guarantee 
Ques 27: Gold loan to value ratio for NBFC and Banks 
Ques 28: Happiness Day 2020 theme: Happiness for all forever 
Ques 29: IRDAI Chairman 
Ques 30: Coursera: certificate programme in A.I 
Ques 31: Luxembourg 
Ques 32: Exim Bank- leading program extension of guarantee – refinance to commercial banks irrespective of Post-shipment supplier’s credit 
Ques 33: NPA Banks – Indian Bank, LVB, UBI, SBI, HDFC, BOI 
Ques 34: Prompt repayment incentive: 3% 
Ques 35: Stressed assets: 30 days review period 
Ques 36: IPO bought by- High Net-worth Individuals 
Ques 37: Red Herring Prospectus 
Ques 38: Current Ratio and Quick ratio 
Ques 39: Lending activity not accepted by which bank
Ques 40: full form Rera 
Ques 41: Letter of the Credit time limit 
Ques 42: Mortgage 
Ques 43: questions about loan restructuring 
Ques 44: criteria for micro-enterprise
Ques 45: asset reconstruction company 
Ques 46: floating rate savings bond 
Ques 47: working capital 
Ques 48: LEMOA 
Ques 49: credit information company 
Ques 50: NPA provision 
Ques 51: Capital gearing ratio 
Ques 52: Nostro account-based question 
Ques 53: which loan is an unsecured loan 
Ques 54: House loan low-income limit 
Ques 55: One person company characteristics 
Ques 56: Sectors included in priority sector lending 
Ques 57: Section of Indian contract act related to minor 
Ques 58: Bills of exchange if negotiated or repurchased by the bank, then the exposure is on whom 
Ques 59: calculation of instalment in term loan 
Ques 60: Calculation of EMI
Ques 61: Breakeven units calculation 
Ques 62: Trade docs submission 
Ques 63: calculate BEP in units 
Ques 64: Icegate 
Ques 65: Demat account max limit 
Ques 66: Foreign inward remittance delay interest rate 
Ques 67: NSFI 
Ques 68: CIC 
Ques 69: Few related to Companies act and contract act, Pledge Mortgage 
Ques 70: Depreciation difference 
Ques 71: Banking regulation 
Ques 72: FEMA Act 
Ques 73: FEDAI 
Ques 74: rbi circular 
Ques 75: ghost account

List of Questions asked General Awareness 

Ques 1: MOUs of banks
Ques 2: GOI agreement in 2016
Ques 3: Floating National Park 
Ques 4: Hellaro movie is in which language 
Ques 5: National Award-winning movie 
Ques 6: Book by S Jaishankar- India the way 
Ques 7: Kamala Harris book-  Superheroes are everywhere 
Ques 8: JDU seats in Bihar election
Ques 9: mooh bandh rakho campaign by HDFC 
Ques 10: Chief Vigilance Officer Name 
Ques 11: which of these is not an antivirus software 
Ques 12: Uttrakhand foundation day: 9 November 
Ques 13: swift full form 
Ques 14: CRILC full form 
Ques 15: Chief information officer 
Ques 16: White hat Junior acquired by which company 
Ques 17: which company was formed in 2000- CIBIL 
Ques 18: minimum paid-up capital for ARC 
Ques 19: IWG recommendation of raising small finance bank paid-up capital 
Ques 20: what do you mean by QR code?
Ques 21: who headed QR code committee?
Ques 22: IPL Emerging player: Devdatt Padikkal 
Ques 23: Digital Campaign theme 
Ques 24: world science day 
Ques 25: PM Aawas Yojana completion year 
Ques 26: Narshimhan committee
Ques 27: Apollo hospital tie-up with hdfc 
Ques 28: Floating Park – Manipur 
Ques 29: which high court broadcast through YouTube live stream – Gujrat 
Ques 30: Mobikwik headquarters 
Ques 31: Payment bank as per KYC at the end of the day limit? 
Ques 32: Where is Bhartiya Reserve Note Mudra Pvt. Ltd situated?
Ques 33: Gruh home loan merge in which bank 
Ques 34: Prompt corrective action has been taken by rbi on which banks 
Ques 35: Indian post has launched PMJJBY in partnership with whom
Ques 36: Reliance retail ventures & Saudi Arabia Public investment fund 
Ques 37: Which bank does not give lending? 
Ques 38: Jan Dhan Yojna
Ques 39: Mudra loan 
Ques 40: Company law limit to direct for borrowing 
Ques 41: GST is applicable to bank from which year 
Ques 42: which bank take credit loan to jica 
Ques 43: SHG Loan limit according to their profit 
Ques 44: HFC housing loans should be____% in their individual books
Ques 45: Pradhan Mantri 'Har Ghar Jal Yojana 
Ques 46: UNESCO based question 
Ques 47: Religious based question 
Ques 48: RBI circulars 
Ques 49: Question-based on SEBI
Ques 50: loan sanction question on world bank

Questions asked in English

  • Para jumbles
  • Reading comprehension
  • Error spotting
  • Phrase Replacement
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Fillers
  • Cloze test

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