Important River Projects in India

Bhakra Nangal Project Sutlej Power & Irrigation Pujab , H.P , Haryana , Rajasthan
Damodar Vallley Damodar Power & Irrigation and flood control Bihar , Bengal , M.P
Hirakud Mahanadi Power & Irrigation Odisha
Tungabhadra project Tungabhadra Power & Irrigation A.P & Karnataka
Nagarjuna Project Krishna Power & Irrigation Andhra Pradesh
Gandhak River Project Gandhak Power & Irrigation Bihar , UP , Nepal
Kosi Project Kosi Flood Control , Power & Irrigation Bihar
Farakka project Ganga , Bhagirathi Power , Irrigation , Avoid accumulation of slit to improve navigation West Bengal
Beas Project Beas Irrigation & Power Rajasthan , Haryana , Punjab , H.P
Rajasthan Canal Project Sutlej , Beas & Ravi Irrigation Rajasthan, Punjab , Haryana
Chambal Project Chambal Power & Irrigation M.P & Rajasthan
Kakrapara Project Tapti Irrigation Gujrat
Ukai Project Tapti Power & Irrigation Gujrat
Tawadt Project Tawa ( Narmada) Irrigation MP
Poochampad project Godavari Irrigation AP
Malaprabha project Malaprabha Irrigation Karnataka
Durgapur Barrage Damodar Irrigation & Navigation Karnataka , Bengal , Bihar
Mahanadi Delta Project Mahanadi Irrigation Odisha
Iddukki Project Periyar Hydroelectricity Kerala
Koyana Project Koyana Hydroelectricity Maharashtra
Ramganga multipurpose project Chisot stream near kala Power & Irrigation Uttar Pradesh
Matatilla Project Betwa Multipurpose power & Irrigation UP & MP
Tehri Dam Bhilangana , Bhagirathi Hydroelectricity UP
Rihand Scheme Rihand Hydroelectricity UP

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