One Word Substitutions set picked from previous IBPS PO Paper


Substitute a single word for each of the following phrases/sentences out of the four alternatives (a),(b),(c) and (d).

1. Impossible to put into practice
a. unable
b. imaginary
c. impracticable
d. theoretical

2. A motive merely to get money
a. covetous
b. greedy
c. pecuniary
d. mercenary

3. Having to do with beliefs contrary to the fundamental doctrines of church, school or profession
a. sceptical
b. banal
c. didactic
d. heretical

4. Time and space without limit
a. limitless
b. finite
c. infinitude
d. transcendent

5. Harassed by a fixed idea
a. harangue
b. nervous
c. obsessed
d. fulminate

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