RBI Grade B Course 2018

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Reserve Bank of India is one of the most reputed and recognised institutions of Indian Financial System. Getting recruited in RBI is always a dream come true and many students keep an eye only on RBI Grade B exam and prepare for it day and night. This exam is not everyone's cup of tea because the syllabus and exam pattern is quite different from other recruitment exams.

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Exam Pattern


Objective Type Exam pattern
1. Quantitative Aptitude 30marks
2. Reasoning 60 marks
3. English Language 30 marks
4. General awareness 80 marks
Total Time 2 Hours 200 marks


Exam pattern (Phase-II of the examination will be conducted within two to three weeks of Phase-I exam)
Paper-1 English (Writing skills) 1½ hours 100 marks
Paper-2 Economic & Social Issues 1½ hours 100 marks
Paper-3 (optional subjects) Finance & Management 1½ hours 100 marks
Phase-II (Three papers)
(300 marks)
Phase III
The interview will continue in its existing format
50 marks

The General Awareness Section has out of the league questions. Basically, the GA section has more banking related questions, news related to RBI and other monetary and financial institutions related news. This section also covers static GK but remains focused on banking and finance. Similarly, in Phase II exam, Descriptive English with 100 marks is a tough task because Reading Comprehension Passage is not like you get in other exams. You get essays and precis which is again not so easy to do. Some students do not apply for RBI Grade B exam because they are afraid of the vast syllabus and lack of proper guidance. Given below is our strategically constructed course that will help you to crack this exam. 

Course Contents

  • Video lectures of 60 Hours already added
  • Regular Video Lecture Updates 
  • Notes for all the sections of Phase I and Phase II
  • One to one sessions
  • Premium access to BankExamsToday Android Application
  • Access to RBI Grade B Test Series dashboard
  • Dedicated Whatsapp group
  • Updates Through Emails
  • Video Sessions for English Descriptive Paper
  • Section-Wise Weekly Tests 
  • Bundle of 10 e-books
  • High-Level Quizzes With Explanations
  • New Quizzes Everyday


Week 1 and 2 (Completed)

We have started with the Management portion of Finance and Management paper.

Development of Management thoughts

  1. Henry Fayol principles of management
  2. Scientific Management
  3. Hawthrone experiments
  4. System approach to the management
  5. Test (20 question)


  1. Planning - Definition and meaning
  2. Planning process
  3. Types of plans
  4. Management by Objectives
  5. Test (20 question)


  1. Organizing - Definition and meaning
  2. Organizing Process
  3. Organization chart
  4. Types of organizations
  5. Difference between Co-ordination and Co-operation
  6. Test (20 question)

Week 3 and 4

We will start working on Staffing and Directing unit. These are the most important chapter.


  1. Types of Budgets


  1. Job Analysis - Process
  2. Recruitment and selection
  3. Training and Development
  4. Appraisal and Job evaluation


  1. Fundamentals and principles
  2. Motivation theories
  3. Motivational applications
  4. Leadership theories
  5. Communication

Week 5

  1. Essentials

Quality control

  1. Total Quality Management
  2. Six sigma

Corporate Governance

  1. Rules and regulations


Week 1

  1. Financial Management
  2. Derivatives and it's Types
  3. Forward contracts - Concepts, Types and working in India (Including practicles)

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