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3 Mistakes to avoid in IBPS and other recruitment exams

Published on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
IBPS exams are one of the toughest exams due to sectional cutoffs in the exams. Many of the candidates score well in aggregate but score really low in one section which results in failure. Today I am going to give you three tips that can help you crack IBPS exams  Please read them carefully :-

Wasting lots of time on reasoning section

Reasoning is the toughest section in IBPS exams, it is tough for all so cutoffs in this section remains low. Many candidates in fear of scoring less marks, waste lots if time in this section and try to attempt question which they left in first attempt . This is a blunder and you should avoid this , 14-15 marks out of 50 are enough to clear sectional cutoff . If you are not good at this section then try to score high on other sectons . Try to score marks in every section that are required to clear cutoffs. You should follow a strategy to crack the exam.

Sticking to a question

Many times candidates stuck in a single question of quantitative section. I suggest you to skip questions which you are not able to solve within five minutes . In many case when students stuck on question sets, they waste even half hour in expectation of getting 5 questions right at once . Avoid this mistake . Get our free notes to prepare for exams.

Unable to make calculations mentally

IBPS and bank exams are very lengthy and can never be completed with mental calculations. Many candidates stuck in data interpretation questions because these questions demands lengthy calculations although they are really easy. You can increase your calculation speed by using these methods

  • Learn tables from 2 to 35
  • Learn square (technique) and square root of first 50 whole numbers
  • Learn cube and cube root of first 30 whole numbers
  • Practice to make calculations without using paper and pen
  • Read quicker maths book deeply
  • Learn shortcut tricks to solve questions, you can find tricks in this book.
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