Reasoning Shortcuts for IBPS and recruitment exams

Published on Friday, August 02, 2013
Reasoning is one of the most important section to score high in IBPS and other recruitment exams as most of the candidates performs poor in this section. Although this is the easiest and high scoring sections.


While in non-verbal reasoning questions my favorite trick is just assume yourself in the place of subject. For example in case round table questions I tried many methods but these questions were always confusing. Then I used this method and results were awesome. Now I can solve any round table question that too in half time. You can use same trick in verbal reasoning questions.

Round table questions :-


6 girls namely A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a round table, in specified order. However we have following information :-

  1. A is sitting exact left of D
  2. C is sitting exact left of E
  3. C is sitting opposite to D
  4. B is sitting second left of E
Now let's solve the problem in a simple manner. Assume that you are A and D is sitting exact right of you.
reasoning sitting arrangement

Now you got an order of direction, students gets confused with directions in round table questions. Now you can easily make position of C and E. Although this is not exact position but it will be changed with next condition.
Join join these two figures with third condition
reasoning shortcut trick

Now complete the set with last condition
reasoning shortcut technique

Things are so simple now and you pocketed at least 5 question set within 5 minutes:)

Blood relation questions

You can use same method in blood relation question. Assume that question is talking about you.


A girl introduced a boy as " He is the only son of my mother's mother". What is the relation between boy and girl ?
Just assume as you are the girl in the question and your grandmother has only one son. Plot the relations on a diagram
blood relation question reasoning
After making diagram, things are clear now. It can seen that the boy is the uncle of the said girl.

Ranking Questions

Another important question that appears frequently in reasoning section is ranking sets. You will be asked to rank individuals according to their score, generally there are 5 questions in a set.


Five boys A,B,C,D and E appeared in a test. They give us following information :-
A scored more than b
D is not the lowest scorer
C scored more than D but less than B.
Order these five people in the order of their score.

Give a look how this question can be solved by drawing a simple diagram.

ranking question reasoning shortcut

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