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Study Plan for IBPS and other Bank exams

Published on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
At the time high level of competition among job seekers, companies become highly conscious while selecting their employees. After all human resource is the real asset for any organization. Nowadays personal interviews and psychometric tests are not enough to test capabilities of candidates. Candidates may lie about his achievements during interviews but written test checks the authenticity of candidate's skills and mental aptitude. Organisations  generally conducts online multiple choice question (MCQ) exams to test skills of candidates. In most of the exams there are following sections :-

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • General awareness
  • Subject related to job
Now question arise how to prepare for these exams. Tips to prepare for job exams :-

1)      Get study material

Books are important part of preparation of any exam preparation. There are several books available in the market. I am not going to give any affiliate links or promote any publisher as most of the books from reputable publishers are equally good. 

You should buy at least one book on quantitative aptitude. Books from McGrawhill and Pearson are equally good. If you don’t want to spend much money, you can download free ebooks. Ebooks can readily available on tablets, smart phones and computer devices. You get comfort of reading them anywhere.

Get list of best Bank exam books. Further get Bank exams notes in PDF format.

2)      Read newspapers

It is a well known fact that newspapers are the best source of general knowledge and to stay updated for technological and political updates. This helps in exams as well as during interviews. As human resource managers may not know your niche jargon, he will ask you questions related to current affairs. 

In case you don’t have time to read newspapers, install news curation applications on your smartphone. There are numerous applications available on mobile operating system marketplaces. One I personally recommend is Flipboard. Select the topics related to your industry and start following your favorite news websites and blogs. Feedly is also an amazing tool to follow blogs and websites of your interests.

3)      Practice Previous Paper

To crack a MCQ you need both speed and accuracy. Speed comes with practice. Download free MCQ question papers to practice. The more you practice, higher will be your speed and accuracy. In this link you will find 50 sets of previous job exams question papers.

4)      Time management

Time management is the very important to crack any MCQ exam. Normally you will find one question per minute in job exams. Time availability may differ as per the time availability. It is very important to divide time available to various sections. 

Read how to manage time in IBPS exams.

Most of the times there are sectional cutoffs in that case you will not be crack the exam even if you performed well in remaining sections. General awareness section takes less time so you can save time in this section and devote this time to quantitative aptitude section.

5)      Research about Banks

It is frequently used strategy by exam setters that they ask questions regarding the industry and company’s history and it’s business operations. Questions may be asked about government policies related to your field. Even in interviews interviewers asks about reasons behind choosing their company. It is always wise to research about company’s and it’s industry details.

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