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7 Keys to success in your Career

Published on Monday, September 30, 2013
Today I am going to share the success mantra of many we known celebrities. I collected them from auto biographies of various sports stars, noble prize winners, businessmen and life coaches. Today I have decided to share the summary of all those auto biographies and tell you what I have learnt from them. Please share you views in the comment section.

1. Listen to all, Do whatever YOU want: This is universal truth that more the number of people in touch, more will be the thoughts. A wise person always listen to all his friends, colleagues and all, but do whatever he assume is right. Use your own wise brain. Your own decision will help you to reach peak. 

2. Think big, but start from small: Your goals should be big, but always remember every idea is not going to be successful. So, always play with a safe side. If an idea is working, then we can extend it to large scale. 

3. Don't run behind your interests: Normally people think that if they work according to their interests, then definitely they will be successful, but it does not happen with all. The only difference is some people's interests match with the market and other's don't. Never run behind your interests, do what market demands from you. Don't search an opportunity, try to grab that existing opportunities. 

4. Do not depend upon single person's advice: Some people easily get influenced by other people's advice and start working on that only. If a person is confused about something,then he should always try to make correct decision by analysing the advice of all experts. Never depend upon single person's advice.
5. Break all the barriers between you and your goals: If you really want to fulfill your goals, the very first thing you need to do is ignoring all the barriers. There is nothing much important more than your goals to be accomplished.You have to have guts to remove all the barriers between you and your goals.

6. Try to learn, not cram: The very important thing is try to learn the things about your work, never cram anything. You can consider anything in it, a process, working technique, anything which is related to your work.

7. Believe yourself and have faith in God: Last but not the least, believe yourself. Always think that you are going to take a right decision because the situation in which you are, can be judged by you only. Only you understand the which is a right way for you and Almighty is going to help you in every hard situation.

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