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GK questions for SEBI AO exam 2013

Published on Monday, September 09, 2013
Important questions for SEBI AO exam 2013 which is going to held on this sunday. Ty to answer these questions yourself in and then click on show answers. Please read my NICL exam experience.
You can download study material from GK section

Where is Olympics 2016 going to be held ?

What is the name is vice president of India ?

What is the name of Governer of RBI ?

When did SEBI incorporated ?

Who Children piece prize in August 2013 ?

What insect is known as farmer's no.1 enemy ? (NICL 2013)

India's first weather forcasting center is located in ? (NICL 2013)

Where did G-20 meeting held in 2013 ? (NICL 2013)

SRI agricultural technolgy is used in production of ? (NICL 2013)

Pixels is the measurement of measuring ? (NICL 2013)

Who is holding telecom ministry till 2014 general elctions ? (NICL 2013)

What is "Kaveri"

When does World environment day is celebrated

When does Teacher's day is celebrated

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