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NICL 2013 exam experience - Easiest Exam Ever Seen

Published on Sunday, September 08, 2013
Today I appeared for NICL Finance exam. Difficulty level of exam was very easy.  I attempted 98 out of 100 question. Left 2 questions from General awareness section. Exam experience was really bad due to bad sitting arrangement and administrative negligence. It looks like NICL conducted the exam to collect application fee from candidates. NICL administration is not going to take these issue seriously but for candidates I am sharing my experience.

NICL AO Exam cancelled  

Sitting arrangement 

I adopted Ludhiana center so I was allotted P.Royal International School. I thought it would be a big school in a posh area but it took me an hour to find the center. It was a 500 square yard school with no filtered water facility. Sitting arrangement was very bad. On a small bench three candidates were to sit. It was an embarrassing moment when a girl was sitting in the center of two guys. She was feeling very awkward.

It was really a funny exam. Three candidates on a small bench and all question paper having same questions. Invigilator was busy with her phone, I think she was chatting with someone on WhatsApp. As it was a three hour long exam which is unnecessarily very long time, candidates were solving questions by discussing with each other. Candidate who had cheating skills is going to pass the exam.

Numerical ability section 

There were no data interpretation sets and simple multiplication level questions were asked. I was able to solve 200 questions within 1 hour and the girl sitting besides me asked me to tick answers on her question paper. As I was free and nobody was interested in looking at candidates, I marked at least 20 questions. I know she is not going to pass the exam as she attempted for 170 marks and cutoff is going to be  170+

Reasoning Section

Reasoning was also very easy. There were no big sets or tough questions as we see in IBPS PO and SBI PO. I was surprised to see the question pattern.

Some of the questions that made me laugh

What does 1000 means in explaining big number ?
A) k
B) r
C) p
D) q

Now I think a 5th class kid know it's answer.

There were many questions regarding simple calculations like multiply 4679*6754 ?

Finance section

This section was also very easy. Any person who know basic principles can attempt 90% of this section. Simple question like accounting concepts, types of accounts etc were asked. There were 5 questions in which candidates needs to identify type of account.

There was question to determine compounded interest, depreciation by diminishing balance method and few stupid questions.

Exam experience was really bad. Candidates paid Rs 450 as fees and NICL could not even arranged a good sitting arrangement and invigilators. Anybody who is expert in cheating is going to crack this exam. You will see many students to appear in toppers list from Ludhiana center because of administrative negligence.

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