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6 Easy Questions for IBPS Preparation

Published on Sunday, November 24, 2013
IBPS has changed the job scenario in India. India's has worlds largest young population and literacy rate of 74%. Do we have this much white-collar jobs? Answer is no. That's why selection to candidates ratio hovers around 3-4%. As a candidate appears for multiple exams, if we combine all the data, selection ratio comes out to be 7-8%.

Many candidates gives for 8-9 months for preparation , as per me it is not required. To crack IBPS exams you need more of technique than hard work. One of my favourite technique is picking easiest questions. Today I am going to list easiest questions in IBPS exams :-

Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation 

In quantitative aptitude section, you need to mark just 9-10 correct answers to go through sectional cutoff. Many students fails because of this section because they waste their time on few difficult questions. There are always 3-4 DI sets in the exam, just assume if you are solving just 2 sets. You won't take more than than 15 minutes to do this. Many candidates try to avoid 1 or 2 sets in this section, never commit this mistake.

You can buy Arihant's book for Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

Data sufficiency

In data sufficiency, you don't need to find any answer, rather you just need to find out whether information provided is enough to solve the given question. These questions merely take 10-15 seconds to solve. In IBPS PO 2013, there were 5 data sufficiency questions. These questions takes 2-3 minutes to solve. Never skip these questions.


This section is the most time consuming section in IBPS. Those sitting arrangement and blood relation questions just eat time. In this IBPS PO exam, there were at least 10 questions in reasoning section that took merely 4-5 minutes. Most probably these questions will appear in IBPS Clerk too. These questions were :- 


This is the easiest part of reasoning section. You just need to make few circles. I will provide you a detailed video on this topic soon. Let's take a simple question that appeared in IBPS PO 2013 -
Question - All colors are balls, some ball are pens. Do all colors are pens.
You can solve this question within 10 seconds by drawing circles.

Read further :-

Syllogism tricks


There is a trend of coding questions in all the recruitment exams. Coding questions appeared in SBI PO, IBPS PO, NICL and SEBI exams this year. All the time alphabetical coding is aked. For example :-
Question - If ACE = ZXV then what is HJK ?
Here in left hand side 1 is added to every alphabet and in right hand side 1 is deducted from every alphabet. So HJK = SQO.
You can find all these questions in RS Aggarwal's reasoning book


For most of the candidates, accuracy is the biggest problem in English section. I saw many candidates attempt reading comprehension questions without reading the paragraph properly. They just make lame guesses randomly and then comment in various forums that "Sir I have attempted 35 questions out of 40 with 97.4% accuracy". Come on guys, don't try to fool yourself. You know well that your accuracy is far below 50%.  

Lets not go into all that and concentrate on easy questions that take few seconds :-

Word meaning questions in comprehensions

Most of times you don't find time to attempt Reading comprehension questions. In this case you can answer just word meaning questions. synonyms, antonyms etc. Words are already bold in the paragraph, you just need to read the line and answer the question. It just takes 10 seconds to answer these questions.
You should read Word Power Made easy to improve your vocabulary and quickly answer these type of questions.

Finding grammar mistakes

This year, in almost every recruitment exam, there were 10 questions to find grammar errors. You master this art by reading Essential grammar in use by Murphy

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