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Last minute tips for IBPS Clerk Exam

Published on Tuesday, December 03, 2013
As many of you have already appeared for IBPS Clerk exam and many of you have shared your exam experience, I am getting lot of requests to share last minute tips.

In case of any query or you want to add anything in this post then please comment below. I promise to add your comment to the post if I find it useful for all.

So today I am sharing last minute tips for IBPS Clerk exam :-

Concentrate on accuracy

This year all the IBPS exams are tough as compared to previous year and number of options to every answer have been increase to 5. In IBPS PO cutoff fall below 80. Many readers who attempted even 90 questions cracked PO exam. 

What to learn

Don't do guessing at all. In past guessing proved to be a successful strategy but now trend has been changed, options are very close and questions are difficult now. Even if you are able to do 100 questions, try to maintain maximum accuracy, there is no room for guesswork anymore.

Attempt quantitative aptitude first

Many students attempt quantitative aptitude and reasoning at the end, this is a wrong strategy. These two sections takes lot of mental strength and concentration. In case you are struck at any question at the end, level of confidence goes down and result is low scores. Best strategy is to attempt quantitative aptitude at first, then General awareness and Computer knowledge.

What to learn

Large number of students fail to clear section cutoffs.  

Allocate adequate time to all sections

This is the most common mistake that candidates commits. You should make a proper exam exam strategy and should allocate time according to the your strategy.

Learn shortcut techniques

I won't list every shortcut here again, you can go to shortcuts page. In addition to these shortcuts, learn tables, squares and fractions as this can help you in increasing your calculation speed.

Learn to skip difficult questions

This is one of the most common mistake that candidates commit, learn to recognize and skip difficult questions. You need just 90 out 200 (cutoff)to crack this exam, so attempt your test accordingly.

Don't press any keyboard key

Many readers reported that candidature had been cancelled, one of the main reason behind this is, they didn't submitted their test properly or they pressed some keyboard keys while attempting the exam. 

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