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Hi Readers, as many of you have already appeared for IBPS Clerk III exam, I will all to share your exam experience, attempt and questions.

Don't hesitate in sharing, you can also post in hindi if your English is not good.

What you can share in comments 

  • Number of questions attempted and expected score
  • GK questions asked
  • Questions asked in computer awareness section
  • From which chapter questions were asked from quantitative and reasoning section
  • Anything you want to share
I will try to answer every query, please don't hesitate in sharing your exam experience. Best comments will shared as post with author name as I did for Ashish Tiwari. See example here

I will give a book for all whose posts are published in future.

By Nagappan Narayanan (30-11-2013 evening shift)
sir i attended on december 1..every section was ok except aptitude..this aptitude questions (chapter questions) were twisted. it standard was similar to po exam apti..but simplification was easy as asusual..coming to reasoning ,computer and english section it was easy.. gk was average sir..very basic banking questions were attempts are english 24 (75 % accuracy),reasoning 31 ,computer 31  both (95 %accuracy), gk 30 (99 per accuracy) and finally apti 17 hundred percent accuracy.
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  1. Sir,i have appeard clerk 3 exam on 30/11/2013 Eve shift.My attemtpts are as follows,Eng-30,GA-30,Comp-31,Reasong-30,QA-16.Evry section i attempted with 95%accuracy and in QA with 100%accuracy bt im worried dat i attempted less in maths.Will i qualify coz im from GEN Category.Plz reply

  2. i hv attended the clerical paper on 30.11.13. it was easy one.

    begning with ga 25 questions are from banking,internal.some are current affairs. basic questions are asked.

    in computers basic question sfrom input output hardwares and ms office,networking.

    english is moderate.1 comprehension,blanks,rearrangement

    resoning is time consuming.all questions can be solved but little bit time consuming. syllolism,series,coding,circle problems etc.

    QA is also easy.questions on area, parameter,series, average,profit loss,interest,one di,no questions from trains
    i hav attempted only 140 with 80% accuracy. dnt knw wll qualy or not

  3. Hello sir,
    My attempt was 144.
    Reasoning-23 maths-24 english-25
    Gk-34 computer- 38 . I think i m 10 question short. Pls sir tell me any chance 4 me

  4. Sir kindly reply if 16 questions in quants wit 100%accuracy wil be enough to clear sectional cutoff for GEN CAT..Attempted 137 in total.

  5. If I attempt 20 questions correctly in GA then how many marks I will get ?

  6. My exam is on 8th dec. with which section I should start the exam ?

    1. u can start either by GA or computer after that eng reasoning then quant

  7. sir wat is ur suggestion regarding to which section to be started first after ur analysis of ibps clerk exam held on 30 and 1 dec..................kindly suggest to get good score?? and reach cutoff required for genrl category.........................

  8. I Started my exam with computer section. it was quite easy ( IP/OP,NETWORKING,EXCEL WORD 2007,HARDWARE).i attempted 35 ( 85% accuracy).GENERAL AWARENESS was easy i think. because i was able to attempt 27 ques with 80-85% accuracy ( i studied for it only day before :p on 29th nov ). then i moved on to english. it was normal. there were two comprehensions. i found one a little difficult it was on consumers insight and marketing all. there were 5 questions on error finding in sentence, around 5 ques in choosing the correct option that will suit fill ups in both sentence. for example.
    1. parents should guide their ______ children moral values.
    2. the companies that are ________ in the market..... smthing smthing ..ii dnt remember exact question)
    options like a- young b-little c- new d-entering. in this 'young' is best suited.
    one rearranging the sentence question.
    so i attempted 33 questions in english with 90% accuracy.
    Then it was reasoning. i love this part. it was easy too. i was enjoying doing the questions.. and i kept on doing. when i reached 38th question,i thought i shud shift to quantative aptitude coz only 28 mins were left :( ( my big mistake in the exam ) so i attempted 37 questions with 100 % accuracy.
    Now main point that i learnt after giving exam is that just check out the simplification questions first of all coz they are less time comsuming and all 10 ques were together. but wen i was attempting 5th was 00:00 :( :( i was able to attempt only 18 questions. with 100 % accuracy. others questions tht i went through were from the topics profit and loss, D.I , ratio, time and work ( pipe with leakage and filling water type) and etc :p . so overall i attempted 150 ques.and it will benefit me only if the quant apt.cutoff for general category will go less than 18 :( . SO DON'T REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE DONE BY ME .
    Sir , i have a doubt . can options be wrong in the exam? coz 1st ques of D.I was simple that calculate total expenditure of D for all items. i sum up them all,but didnt find that in option. i rechecked my addition thrice. :( dnt kw whts wrng !!!
    So. finally all the best to all!!

  9. I woud suggest to start with computers,Ga.english,maths,and finally reasoning,

  10. sir pls tell me after ur analysis of ibps clerk exam held on 30 & 1 dec ....... pls suggest minimum attempt for each section and max. attempt which one can attempt . my exam is on 15 dec.

    1. give 50 mins to comp ga eng then remaining 70 mins 30 mins to reasoning & 40 to quant

  11. sir i hv attempted total 145 in ibps clerk 3,bt main problem is that i hv attempted only 12 in maths,,,,with 100% accuracy,,,,is there any chance for me to clear the sectional cut off of maths....plz reply...thank u

  12. Sir iam here to present my clerical exam experiance..i attende on 1st dec morning shift..exam is easy but compared to last year it is bit tuf..some of the patterns in apti and reasoning are po level..first i attempted reasoning..I attempted 27(100% accuracy)..then i attempted aptitude 29(100% accuracy)..then general awareness 31(99% accuracy)..then computer 35(100%accuracy)..then english 30 (95% accuracy) attempted is 152..iam even qualified in poIII waiting for scores..there my attempt is 120(90% accuracy)..i am expecting 101 marks in POIII...will i be able to get a call for interview in poIII and it is written provisionally shortlisted in the result status...this is my first time to attend for bank exams and iam less aware of kindly reply me...

  13. I have appeared for the Clerk III on 30/11/2013 Morning Shift and i had attempted 154 questions in total (Maths- 21 100% accuracy, reasoning 36 95% accuracy, GK-29 85% Accuracy, Computer - 35 85% accuracy and English - 33 with 85% accuracy). can you suggest me is the attempt is enough to get an call for the interview and i m little bit worried abt maths (is 21 is enough).


  14. sir my ibps clerk exam was on 30-11-13 my attempt was

    belongs to OBC
    i am 99% sure of accuracy. what is my chances of selection.

  15. 1 dec eveng shift, attempt 162
    rs 36,
    qa 26
    eng 30
    ga 33
    comp 37
    reasoning section was easy, possible attempt 35+, in math there were lots of calculation around 15 q from simplification, in eng 1 passage, 1 cloze test that was not so easy as rrb po possible attempt 25+, ga includes around 25 banking qstns, 7-10 currents and remaining others some qstn of ga-
    IBA fullform
    word 'banking' defined in which act
    philipins toofan name
    IFSC code is equivalent to
    narega named after
    child and womens minister
    worlds highest literature award
    head quarter of org which awared nobel peace award
    Hiroshima day
    Banking inclusion scheme
    Ind Tourism tag- incredible india
    rank in Air force
    mohiniattam dance
    football atho. worldwide-fifa
    banking ombdusion appointed by
    qustn about cash reserve with rbi
    solution to transfer of money worldwide any bank- i think core banking
    etc, possble attmpt 25-30
    comp section was easy possible attempt 35
    try to attmp around 150 accurate questions. time management is important for any IBPS Exam, I usually start with eng section to achieve the sectional cut off and give 40- 50 min for ga+eng+comp, and remaining 70-80 min to reasn and math and try to attn 60+ qustn from that sections

    all the best..
    Cleared both ibps exams i appeared, rrb2 os1 and po 3

  16. I think maths part was tough.....calculations were time consuming.....try those questions first in maths part in which you are well prepared and confident otherwise you will miss the opportunity by little least give 30 minutes to maths....other sections were of moderate of luck!!!!
    My attempts are......
    Reasoning 35
    English 29
    G.K 34
    Computer 37
    Maths 21
    Total 156

    Whether the cut off for each section will be same or It can be less for maths part? because i think maths was tough and cut off for maths should be less than others............please reply sir..........thnx.

    1. cutoffs will remain same for all sections..may be 19 or 21.

  17. Raman sir, i just wanted to clarify that those who are provisionally shortlisted,Is there a chance that they will be rejected for giving interview!! please reply sir my parents hopes are on stake...

    1. Yes there is a chance of getting rejected, lets wait for final marks on 8 Dec

  18. I Attempted 151 in total. GA 28, Quant 32, CK 28, English 34, Reasoning 29.
    I believe if one has prepared well one can attempt around 160 question looking at the difficulty level.

  19. Is 16 questions attempted in quants with 100%accuracy enough to clear sectional cutoff for Gen category student??

  20. is it nesessary to match (same )the scan photo and cal letter photo. activally my scan photo and cal letter photo are there any thign happen at the time of interview???????

  21. So now i want to share my ibps clerks3 exam experience. My exam happened on Dec1st evening. After the disastrous ibps po3 paper i prepared well for ibps clerks3. My favourite subject was Reasoning so i started with it. There were questions on direction-sense,syllogisms,coding-decoding etc. the two arrangement puzzles were unsolvable by me and i wasted 15mins of previous time. so after 45mins completed on the timer i have just done 31 questions with 100% accuracy in reasoning. so now to increase speed i took over computers and finished it in 1ominutes doing 39 attempts. still only 65minutes left and i had three sections to do. I chose english and started on it , it was an easy paper so took 20mins and completed the section with all questions. now just 45mins are left and i started cursing myself and after 15minutes i completed my gk part with 36questions. i left with 30 minutes and now i have started numerical ability.. thanks to ibps for di questions.. there were around 25 questions on simplifications,5 series, 10 arithmetic. As time was less i was unable to recall even the formula for area of circle. so i left some arithmetic questions.

    My total attempts - Reasoning 31(100%accuracy), numerical ability - 34(32 correct, 2 guesses) , english - 40(90-100%accuracy), computers - 39(95-100% accuracy) , gk-36(already 6wrong) total-180/200

    my advice to the people who have exam on upcoming saturday and sunday is that 85% of paper is easy.. just 15% is difficult. the time will run soon so i suggest u to leave seating arrangment based questions in reasoning and series questions in maths. do them only if you have done the remaining, I wasted 15mins of valuable time with out answering a question otherwise my attempts would be 185+. so dont make the same mistake. Revise all formulae and speed maths. maintain good accuracy and then only go for higher attempts. 19 will be the cutoff for general category. General knowledge's 75% questions are from normal banking so go through it. go through current affairs of 6months. dont try to guess in gk.. only if u think 2options are right then go for it, gk will be make and break section for many of us. 25 questions with 100% accuracy will sail us through. i am saying again mark only if u are 100% confident. I wish all of u sucess.

    1. No question from Probabilty, Combination or geo metry like Traingle circle etc? Was Machine input question where there?

  22. sir i scored 133 in rrb po and im from haryana
    can i get interview call plz reply plz....................

  23. 1st Dec eveng shift BBSR Odisha
    most of the questions are lain and simple though math section was a bit more calculative
    By the way when this IBPS PO mark will be published ??some are saying its after 10th of this month

  24. sir, since we know that interview marks is totally depends on performance but usually how many marks a candidates can get in interview...pls explain interview marking procedure of ibps

    1. there is 20% weightage for interview, you can 0 or even 20.

  25. Dear Sir,
    first of all i thank you very much for your wonderful service for the banking aspirants.
    i attempted IBPS clerk in 30th Nov 2013 Morning batch
    Totally i attempted 154 with above 95% accuracy.
    GK - 30
    English - 36
    Computer - 34
    Reasoning - 35
    QA - 19

    I came to QA section in the last 35 Mins as planned, but i can able to attend only 19. Also in the last 2 mins many of the systems in my center are not responded to our mouse actions (cannot click or mark any answers / options but time is running ) and it resolved in soon in the last min duno whats the reason ).

    Only the thing i allotted quite few more time on QA. Anyhow i should thank you for your study plan and the hints given until the exam.
    May your service continue forever...

  26. hello sir,
    i attempted total 149 questions in clerk iii exam.
    24 maths (100%)
    28 GA (82%)
    31 English (80%)
    33 reasoning (82%)
    33 computer (85%)
    what is my chance to get interview offer. please reply sir...

  27. sir please tel me wat wil happen ...i afix my photo on cal letter is not as same as scaned photo....pls tel me i cleaed all ibps exams upto now........????????pls give rply

  28. sir i did the graduations in bsc(computers scoence) am i eligible for ibps (so) it officer-1..pls tel me

  29. My attempt in ibps clerk 3 was 129.. Computer & RA - 27 each, GK - 23, Eng - 33, Quants - 19.. I'm from OBC..
    Will i get a chance???

  30. Hi Sir,

    I am an engineering graduate and i have started preparing for Clerical and PO jobs recently. I didn't apply for this year's exams. Could you please tell me when will be the exams for both clerical and PO posts will be conducted and the expected number of vacancies for both the posts...

  31. respected sir what is the safe attempt for ibps clerk 3.....
    Reply soon sir my paper is on 8 dec

  32. Friends tomorrow dont forget to take photo copy of photo ID + Original ID + Photograph + Call letter..

  33. i secured 60 belong to sc

    1. good n i scored 64 but gen any chance sir

  34. Sir,

    My exam was on 7th dec, my attempts are as below..
    Comp-37(90% accuracy)
    G.k -33(85% accuracy)
    Eng-40(95% acc)
    Reasng-40(95% acc)
    Q.A-20(60% acc) i attempted 170

    Whay are my chance sir?

    Pls reply

    1. Your assumption can never be true...according to the analysis you can never clear this exam coz no one can score 95% accuracy in english...better change your strategy....

  35. hello sir..

    i wud lyk to share some ques of the IBPS CLERICAL exam held on 8 dec 2013 (MORNING SESSION)..
    1.Director of movie lagaan
    2.“B” in BRICS
    3.IFSC full form
    4.ECB full form
    5.Where was chess champion ship held
    6.1 book author. i dnt remember the name of the book.. :P
    7.1 ques related to LAF and repo relation between them
    8.Vishakha scheme.related ques
    8.Current isro chef
    10.Finance commission chief
    11. 1 ques related to RuPAY
    12. 1 ques related cheque clearing what is the bank to which check is drawn..i dnt remember exactly..
    13.panaji (goa ) is on the bank of which river?
    14.ghomar is the dance of which state?
    15 AADHAR card scheme some full form was asked..

    puzzle with 7 prsons facing south and teaching dierent subject.......5
    sitting arrangemant(circular table with 2 people facing twrds center and rest facing outwrds).....5
    syllogism.........5(no possibility cases)
    coding decoding.......5
    data sufficiancy..........5
    direction test........2-3
    number series given with ques based on it.......5
    A B C D E ..A earns more than only 3 person.B ears less than only 1 person.........5 ques based on info
    fill up 2 blanks with same word........5
    cloze test.........10
    e error correction.........5
    arrange the sentences...........5


    simplification/Calculation ............10
    DI .........5
    series ...........5
    si /cI 1
    Area of circle...........1
    investment........partner ship.......1
    time and work.......1
    upstream /downstream.......1
    age with ratio ......1
    lenth of rect is 30% more thn its breadth......1
    profit loss......1

    based on input output/networkinh RAM / ROM etx.

    nw i wud lyk to know wat can b the cut of for such kind of paper..

    M a general category candidate My Attempts are as follows:
    GA....................:22 (80% accurate)
    Maths .............26(95% accuracy)
    Reasoning................35(95% accuracy)
    english........27(90% accuracy)
    computer ..............33 (90% accuracy)

    wht u think is going to b a gud score for getting interview calls....

    Thanks in advance

  36. rrb clerk 130
    ibps po 63 gen
    done 168 in clerk but ga 29(80% Acc)
    kya hoga plz reply..thanks

    1. sabhi me ho jayega bhai..

  37. i attempt 145 question . i tell you question which come in paper which i little remember . question are 1 from which game jason day related answer is golf.2 international day of elders answer is 1st october 3 14th ifa award given best director to anurag basu for which film answer is barfi 4 who is new chairma of pmeac answer is c.rangarajan 5 one question related to senior citizen pensin scheme 6 which computer today generation like
    7 in computer we cannot storage anything 8

  38. sir what is the cutt off to cross ibps cwe clerk exam held on dec 2013 .please sir tell me i am worried a lot .i am MBA and from 2 years i am trying but i cant clear the exam .in rrb for few num i was not quali .this time all section was good but in maths i have done only 16 .please sir can u tell me the pass mark of gen cate

    1. cut off will be between 110-125 in all states.. if u have done 16 with 100% accuracy then u will definitely get through as normalisation helps u.

  39. sir please bata do cutt off of gen in ibps clerk cwe iii

    1. last time cut off was 19 for each section and total cut off varies and it ranges some what from 95 -121. and one thing is there ie last time clerical exam was very easy compared to this years so there is a chance for lowering the cut off.

  40. aap kabhi koyi responce nahi data ho sir

    1. Heya I am making a forum, it will be live by tomorrow. So don't worry

  41. sir i attempted ibps cwe clerk 3 exam on 8 dec 2013... it was quiet easy paper but i felt maths was little bit tricky so my least attempted questions were in maths that is 24 and my all over attempted question were 165 with 75% accuracy according to my estimation.....

  42. reasoning-40,quant-39,eng-40,comp-40, 191......but eng and g.a accuracy wnt be 100%....

    1. can i get your reg no and date of birth..when the results come i will see ur marks first Pathikrit pathak . topper lagthey ho

  43. sir kya es bar bhi ka cutoff gen ka liya bhi 19 hai clerk cwe iii ma .please bata do sir .my name is pragya i am trying my lable best to clear the exam

  44. sir kya es bar bhi ka cutoff gen ka liya bhi 19 hai clerk cwe iii ma .please bata do sir .my name is pragya i am trying my lable best to clear the exam

  45. hello sir , my attempt is 148 and i am for sc so there is any chances passing and what is the expected cutoff this exam plz tell me

  46. I ve attempted 139 out of which 14 in reasoning and 14 in Aptitude with 100% accuracy in both. Is there any possibility of getting selected for interview!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Dear Sir,
    I am from OBC category but if i don’t have obc certificate or it has any lack at the time of interview than what will be the procedure. they will treat me as general category candidate or will cancel my candidature.? please reply any body.........


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