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How to fill Posts Preference in SSC CGL 2015

Published on Saturday, May 02, 2015
SSC CGL 2015 notification is out now. Many readers are asking about how to fill preferences and how to prepare for SSC CGL exam. Within next few days I will share study material and study plan for SSC CGL Tier I exam.

Today I am going to share my opinion on various posts in SSC CGL. That's my personal opinion, before taking any final step seek expert guidance.

Personally my favorite posts are Inspector (Income Tax) and Inspector (Customs) but that's just personal choice, read the detailed analysis below.

Factors you should consider while filling preferences

1) Mobility

First ask yourself - Can you work in any part of of India ? If your answer is no then you should prefer Assistant in CSS, Assistant CVC,
Inspector of Income Tax and Auditor in (CAG). In case your answer is Yes, then Inspector in narcotics and Inspector in customs is my personal favorites, there is huge growth prospects and these jobs are highly respectable.

2) Growth prospects

If growth in career is what turns you on and only goal of your life is to grow then go for Inspector (Examiner), Inspector (preventive officer) and Inspector (Income tax). Working hours are bit hectic and there are frequent transfers.

3) Status 

If having a respectable social status is your goal, then Inspector (Income Tax) and Assistant (CSS) are best jobs for you.  

Best posts that you should aim :-

  • Inspector (Income Tax)
  • Assistant (CSS)
  • Assistant (CVC)
  • Inspector (Customs)
  • Inspector (Narcotics)
  • Inspector (Examiner)
  • Preventive officer
  • Assistant (IB)
  • Assistant (Railways)
  • SI (CBI)
I have listed above post preference in descending order, posts I prefer more comes at top. This is my personal opinion and for those people who are looking for fair chances of growth as well as a respectable social status. This list may be different for married women or people who wants to avoid frequent transfers.

Special requirements for certain posts :-


Assist CSS, Assist CVC, Assist IB, Assist Railways, Assist MEA, Assist MEA (cipher), Assist MoD, Assist Others, I-T Inspector, C E Inspector, Preventive Officer, Examiner, AEO, SI CBI and Posts Inspector


Assist CSS

Fitness test

Preventive officers and Examiners.

Mains paper

Statistical investigator and Compiler (Registrar General of India)

Skills test

Tax assistant (CBDT) and Tax assistant (CBEC)

In case you any query or you want to make any addition or you found a mistake in the above post, then please comment below.

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