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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 23

Published on Friday, May 01, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Animosity
a) great enthusiasm
b) small amount
c) extreme hostility
d) popularity

2. Corroborate
a) steal from
b) work together

c) confirm
d) hold back

3. Decimation
a) illegal act
b) ten year period
c) declaration
d) complete destruction

4. Hail
a) notice
b) erupt
c) chase after
d) celebrate something

5. Banality
a) cliché
b) clever trick
c) vicious rumor
d) light humor

6. Meticulous
a) detail oriented
b) unplanned
c) complex
d) short-tempered

7. Disingenuous
a) mature
b) uneducated
c) not clever
d) pretending to be honest

8. Pragmatic
a) clever
b) rehearsed
c) practical
d) predictable

9. Chauvinist
a) elitist
b) one with refined taste
c) fraud
d) presenter

10. Obtuse
a) formally state
b) concealed
c) slow to learn
d) jutting outward

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