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5 Principles of Successful Job Interviews

Published on Thursday, January 16, 2014
Job interviews is an important step to give shape to your career. Millions of candidates prepare for IBPS exam every year but only few thousand get the job. Even after cracking the written exam, many candidates unable to to crack interview phase. I have started interview preparation series to help candidates to grab the jobs. Today I am going to share 5 principles to prepare for job interview.

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1) Read Newspaper

How do you test knowledge and attitude of a stranger ?

Answer to this question is what are his opinions about world and people around him. Nobody is interested in knowing whether you read the Hrtitik's divorce story. Interviewers are actually looking for what are your views and what according to you world is and what it should be.  An intelligent and experienced interviewer judges your capabilities and state of mind while asking personal questions. He wants to know who you are and what are you capable of.

2) Polish your Grammar

You are not expected to be highly proficient in foreign languages. Knowledge of local language is what matters. It's a matter a matter of shame that a foreign language is our unclaimed official language. Let's accept this fact that English is the language which is used in documents so you are expected to be proficient in English. 

Grammar mistakes impacts your chances of selection. I recommend you to buy a good grammar book to improve your language skills. I personally recommend Essential English by Murphy  

3) Do Homework

Write some basic questions about yourself and then write the answers. After completing this process, read whatever you wrote and rate each answer from 1 to10. Think again again about questions in which you scored less than 7. Share these questions on forums and get suggestions from your friends. I am sure this process will make an positive impact on your interview performance.

4) Be Honest

Never try to lie in an interview. Interviewers hate liars, nobody wants to hire a liar. It's perfectly fine if you were unemployed in last few months or you were doing a blue collar job but never lie. After making one lie, interviewer will interrogate about that answer from you and then you need to build a chain of lies. There is high probability that he will catch you.

It's very easy to be honest while being dishonest is a very difficult job.

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5) Read your course basics

Interviewers are always interested in what you did in past. There is a perception that if you were a good student then you will be a good employee too. You can't complete your whole course in a day but there is a trick. Read all the basics and leave details behind. Nobody is going to ask questions in details. You always have a "Long Term Memory Loss" excuse. Use this. 
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