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IBPS PO Interview Experience - 8 January

Published on Thursday, January 09, 2014
Name: Bhavani
Date: 8th Jan, 2014
Venue: Andhra bank,koti,hyd
Panel-2,General category,
Reporting time: 1.00pm

Document verification of mine was completed by 4'o clock. I am the 17th person among a batch of 26 members.

Interview panel consist of 4 persons(all are male)

I was entered the interview room at 5'o clock.

Asked permission to enter into the room. I wished them after sitting on a chair.(I am a bit nervous at that time, but they are all very friendly and cool)

M1,M2:They just asked about my village and my father's profession and about banking industry in a brief view? In banks about women empowerment schemes? central and state govt offered subsidy for women?
I have good academic background with good %, they just asked me about why can't u join in IT industries?
Can u name the IITs in which IT industries are offering 1crore package for fresh graduates?

M1 discussed with me the quality of education in that, IITians are not interested in banking sectors etc...
M3: Liberalized FDI norms in various sectors like telecom, defense,petroleum and natural gas etc?
I answered 1 correctly for the remaining i said 'I don't know sir'.

M4: he completely stick to current affairs and standard GK(Through out the overall process of our panel, he asked every interviewee about these two only)
I thought that he started asking about International news,If answered then move on to current events. If not answered, he just reduced the standard of questions to national news CMs of states etc.

M3: Who is the first women PM of britain?(Std GK)
I answered

M3: Who is the noble literature prize winner-2013(current event)?
I answered 

They said you can leave, All the best... Total interview of mine is about 10 min...

That's all about my interview experience,I answered some questions well, 2-3 questions I didn't answer. I hope this might helpful to somebody... I am a bit tensed at starting of my interview. but, finishing is good...

Any way, Hoping for the best.....

Interview Experience - 4 January 

Here is my interview experience in syndicate bank,National Games Village Bangalore afternoon session. My Interview was at 1:00PM. I reached the interview location at 11.30 AM. They verified my certificates at 12:30Pm.

Post lunch my turn came at 3:00 PM. I entered the interview discussion room there.There were 4 Panel members .M1,M2,M3 and M4.

I was little bit tensed. They made me cool and started asking question.

M1) Tell about your background?
Ans: My told about my education,current working company,location and everything related to my background.

M1) Tell about your experience?
Ans: I explained about experience details and the working environment and about the company.

M1) You are currently working as software engineer, then why do you need this job?
Ans: The difficulties facing in my current job and what made me to choose different career path like irregular working environment in IT sector and the insecurity.

M1) How many marks you got in PO exam?
Ans: I told 72.After that they discussed among themselves and again started.

M1) How many nationalized banks are there?
Ans: I told 21

M1)How many nationalized banks have their HQ in Bangalore?
Ans: I told Canara Bank and Vijaya Bank.

M1) How many nationalized banks HQ in Hyderabad?What are other public sector banks HQ in Hyderabad?
Ans:I told Andhra Bank and SBH.

M2) What is the nature of work you are handling and how it will help us?
Ans: I explained in detail about my experience and how it will help the bank. I am working in project that deals with one of the largest US banks. I told I am already aware of most of the banking terminology.

M4) What is CRM in IT?
Ans: I explained.

M3) Who is Prime minister of UK?
Ans: As I got confusion with PM of Russia and PM of UK, I told that I am not sure.

M3) Who is Queen Mother of UK?
Ans: Queen Elizabeth

M3) How many children she had?
Ans: I am not sure.

M1) If you were selected and you are immediately posted in a bank as branch manager what is the step by step process you follow?
Ans:I explained in the step by step process.
  1. First I will go through the bank products.
  2. Second I will make sure that my colleagues are also aware of the Products.
  3. Next I will go through Balance sheet of that branch.
  4. I will take steps to improve the deposits and other products of bank.I will make the people in that locality should be aware of the bank products and its benefits.
M1) If it needs to go for a campaign on Saturday and Sunday will you work?
Ans: I told if it required for me to work on Saturdays and Sundays which will help the growth and success of Bank,I told that I will work.I told that I will contribute my 100% knowledge and strength to success and growth of the organisation.
The Panel told that they are actually expecting this answer from me.

I have answered all the questions except 10 and 12.I told them that I don't know the answer.

At the end of the interview the M1 offered me a chocolate. Wished me good luck.

Sir please provide your comments. Offering chocolate is good one or not..???

please provide your comments.

Thanks and Regards,
Gangadri Kommiri

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