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Questions Asked in IBPS PO Interview

Published on Sunday, January 05, 2014
Today I am going to share interview experiences and various questions asked in IBPS PO intervirews. Share your views in comments section.

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Interview Date 4 January

Venue: IOB, Coimbatore
Date: 4-1-14 
Category: OBC 
Panel Members: 4 Documents verified strictly. I thank Mr. Ramandeep Singh for your keen guidance in preparation of documentation. I seen many were in tense at the time of verification due to absence of some originals / copies of the same. I didn't mention my Initial in my application form, but my name is printed with Initials in all the certificates. From the suggestion given by Mr. Ramandeep singh i was gone with Affidavit as precautionary. But they didn't asked it for me luckily. (guys i heard in other panel they undertaking letter to provide, so be precautions if any minor error don't get into unnecessary tense at the last minute). Then entered into interview panel. 

M1: where you from?
Me: I am from Tirupur sir

M1: Tirupur is famous for?
Me: For Knit Garment Exports 

M1: Whats the tirupur contribution in tat ?
Me: I could not recognise the right figure sir, but it crossed 12,000 Crore last financial year in terms of overall turnover 

M1: Laughed and asked my qualification
Me: MBA in Marketing and Finance sir 

M2: What is balance Sheet?
Me: Answered correctly

M1: what is Fixed cost and Variable cost, explain with example ?
Me: Managed to explain Variable cost, as he interrupted in between and raised another question, but said correctly about Fixed Cost 

M1: then what is break even point?
Me: i explained it 

M1: What is Gross profit and Net Profit?
Me: I answered. 

M1: Do u heard of funds flow statement ?
Me: i said, sorry sir i hear and studied about it. but its hard to recognise now correctly. 

M1: say anything about it?
Me: Sorry Sir, i forget about it as i learned 4 yrs before. 

M1: What are you upto these days then?
Me: i said tat i worked n tirupur and abu dhabi. 

M2: then why you came back?
Me: My contract was over by last June, and also enter into banking job is my intention. so, i resigned and come back for banking preparations. 

M3: he is aged and asked what is global warming in tamil?
Me: i explained (both in English and tamil to all) 

M4: how it cause?
Me: i said due to the gases like CO, CFC, methane etc (i forget to mention Greenhouse in general ) 

M3: where the methane gas emits from?
Me: i said it emits from everwhere sir, even in agricultural lands (immediately one interrupted and asked)

M2: is it ? how from agricultural?
Me: i managed and said not fully from agricultural land sir, some crops emit Methane gas, then he said its differen don confuse. i said sorry sir, ok 

M1: ok bhayya, why Global warming has this much cause and every one worrying abt it?
Me: I said, the hazards and meltdown due to global warming, kyoto protocol, carbon credit. i guess they all satisfied.
M1: Ok, all the best, thank you
Me: I thanked everyone n exit

I sincerely thank Bankexamtoday and my friends who helped me a lot. Raman sir kindly give your view about my interview. As i am non commerce graduate i struggled to answer for Accounting questions.

thank you once again.
Karthi keyan.M

Interview date 5 January

Interview Date -05 jan 2014,
Bank of Maharashtra-Nagpur

I reached there at,already there were 60-70 students,they allowed us at 9.00 am to enter.
After they they they give us warning those do not have all documents they will be not allowed foe interview.
After verifying documents my number was first, they called me at 9.30 am for interview.

There were four members,all were male.

m2:tell me about yourself?

m2:why banking?

m1:if you are selected as bank PO, or Income tax officer or IAS officer.which u will select?
me:As a bank PO.

m1:you can be income tax officer?then why bank?
me:sir,banking provides various career has job security.

m1:that's ok.but income tax officer also has job security.then why banking only?
me:answered,but m2 interrupted and explain why banking only.

m2:what is CASA?

m2:why banks prefer CASA?

m3:what are functions of banks?

m4:what is loan?
me answered

m4:what is cash credit?what is overdraft?difference between them?

m1:ok, now you can go.Thank you

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