IBPS PO Interview Experience

DATE- 04/01/2014

I reached there on time mine no. was 5th so the verification was done very soon as my all the documents were up to date and as per their requirement but i forgot the 12th certificate so they get me signed an undertaking for this at 10:50 my interview was started, I entered the room wished all the person there were 4 of them and all were male.

M1:- so u have done BBS? What is it?
me:- sir it is bachelor of business studies.

M1 :- what is about?
me:- sir it is equivalent to BBA etc.

M!:- than you have studied corporate law?
me:- yes sir.

m1:- so zubair ji ye btaye k company kaise form hoti h n kaise liquidate hoti h?
me:- answered in hindi as he asked me in hindi 

m2:- what is public and private sector co.?
I answered

M3:- how will you judge a co. to give it loan or not?
I answered

M4:- if there is a co. and it is having 5 director so they will be employer or owner?
I answered in English 

M1:- perpetual entity kya hoti h?
I answered

M1:- separate legal entity kya h?
I answered

M2:- OK banking pdhi h aapne
I said yes

M2:- what is the problem now days banks are facing?
i answered

M2 responded to my answer and asked what is NPA?
i Answered

M2:- how cash credit account can be NPA
I said sir i don't know

M3:- agar company ko certificate of commencement mil jata h to kya hoga?
i answered?

M3:-ok whic certificate issued first commencement , or article of association?
i was quite for a moment but before i could answer 

M1:- aap bta chuke ho phir b article of association
i said yes sir

M1:- so where are u from?
i said Budaun

M1:- achcha waha kya kya famous h?
I answered

M1:- beta aap ek naam bhul gye jo hm sunna chah rhe h?
I said Shakeel Budauni

M1:- Ji kya krte the wo?
i answered

M1:- to aapko h shero shayri ka showk?
I said NO

M2:- mjhe lgta h aapko gaane ka showk h?
i said yes
ok all say on you can go now.
As i reached to the door one of them called me

M1:- what was your score i said 88
M1 and other were start a little conversation and what I heard they said that highest was 76.

M1 and M2:- koi gana sunaye?
i hesitated a little 

M1:- are koi sa b suna do
M3:- can you show us the score
I said yes I have it my mobile 

M1:- ok to aap search kro n jab tk hme koi b gaana suna do
I started singing after thinking for a moment
my internet was not working so I could not show them 

M3:- koi ni beta ok aap ja skte h
once again i was going but they again called me 
M1:- baitho beta
M3:- aapko pta h highest score kitna gya h?
i said sir maine jaha tk dekha h uske hisab se 123 k around

M3:- and OBC me ?
I answered in a similar way

M3:- aapne dekha h to sahi hi hoga
M3:- rural area me kaam kr skte ho?
I said yes sir
at that time got confused wheter it was a comment or compliment

M1:-ok zubair ji toffee khayye
I took one of the toffee from the bowl that was placed infront of them
then they said me all the best.
I said thank you

So this was my interview I don't know I give a good impression of mine or not? tell me please and also tell me about score card it was necessary ?

Thanks Ramandeep sir your blog is very good and I am a great fan of this blog .
Thanks and Regards,
Mohd. Zubair Hashim

Interview Experience dated 05 January 2014

Date-5 Jan

4 interviewer were there,all were male

First they asked me about my family,father and his business, then one
of them said you have done MBA in Finance,and you have consistently
secured 70+ Percentage till now..so i think you can be a good manager
so tell me how will you deal with a person who came to you for getting
1 crore rs loan.
I answered that I ll ask him to present some documents like his
financial statements, his company's memorandum of association, his id
proof, address proof etc,some docs that i missed they told me about
that,then 2nd person asked about the ratios that i ll calculate,i
answered,then 3rd interviewer asked about NPA again answered also
asked in how much time duration a loan becomes NPA,i couldn't answer
it.some more questions like RBI's functions.have answered it.They have
not asked y i want to work in bank bank??
Sir i was bit nervous,1 interviewer also told me that beta u know the
answers so be comfortable and answer.
Sir i do'nt know whether it was good or bad but my fingers are crossed.
one request for u Sir,if u please can give some feedback on
it.Score-67 in written
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  1. Respected Ramandeep sir,
    I have an issue please answer my query. I am btech 2012 passout but had back in 2nd yr . I wrote exam in dec 2012 and result was declared on 1 march 2013. But now on uptu web site result is updated and is showing date of declaration of result 8 jul 2013 . And also in my final marksheet it is written 'printed on aug 2013' . So what can i do to attend interview.
    Please suggest my interview is on 10 jan 2014.

    1. this is a very serious problem that has been coming up time
      and again..please people from UPTU let us do something collectively about it.
      they are literally sending people back..

    2. Nope u can't.....this issue is still goin on.....!!!!

  2. nice... i think u r selected..

  3. sir i have mention 67.40 in mtech but i have 70 percent what to do

    1. it will not cause a problem just explain it to the person who will verify your documents and tell the genuine reason... since u have filled less percentage there should not b any problem...

  4. sir,
    my interview was on 4 jan. during interview panel asked for my written number two times and i think they noted. do anybody have idea why they did so?

  5. Can u predict smthing about foodsuppb exam

  6. my interview was on 4 jan. during interview panel member asked about my written marks in po exam two times. why they did so....anybody has any idea. will they give marks according to that.

  7. Hi friends the interview was very easy and it satisfied me a lot there was no problem with the jumbling of name and it was specifically announced in the hall also actually there was no need for one and the same certificate and these are some of the questions that were put to me and they tested my patience level also by throwing many questions simultaneously;
    List all the female CEO in public sector banks,NPA,difference between current account convertibility and credit account convertibility,different types of account,qualities required for a banker, female CEO"s of private sector bank,LAF,headquaters of different banks(randomly) please try to acquire some knowledge about AAP party,I am not remembering all the questions but it took 20 minutes for me thare were,there were 11 absentees(2 sessions) and another 4 candidates were not allowed to take aprt in interview due to insufficiency of documents

  8. sir after coming out of interview room i jus gone to home but iam tensed will there be anything else after interview like signing the documents pls reply

  9. Is consolidated marks card mandatory ??

  10. I had my interview at raipur(CG) morning session 5th dec.
    They asked about my qualification and why everybody is choosing banking as career after engg.
    From where i belong and from which college i have done engg. And my year of passing.
    They asked if i m working, how much i scored and if could do better.. and what problem did i face in the exam...
    then asked if i know current affairs i said yes sir... then the series of questions started-
    Then asked how many nationalised banks are there.
    They asked me to tell names of females who are heading banks.
    Am i having an account and in which bank.
    My score and the preference of banks
    If i can handle customers even if they are making me feel miserable and am i comfortable with a transferable job.
    Then they asked current affairs
    When was BMB established.
    Which is highest award in sports
    Which is highest civilian award
    Who was the last recipient of this award(bharat ratna)
    Any non-Indian who recieved this award. I was little confused about the answer then they gave me hint and then i answered.
    The new chess world champion and whom did he defeat.
    After this asked about my family background and if i can speak my regional language(chhattisgarhi).
    I am a sikh and a panel member was sikh so he asked me a question related to my religion.
    Then they said thank you, you may go

    it was a nice experince there were 4 members and all were very cool....at the times when i was confused in the answers they gave me hints (twice) and then u know the answers then why do u need hints.... and they were smiling and so was i..

  11. i have misprinted 64.02 instead of 64.06 in my MA with there be nay problem....? very tensed.:(

  12. pls share,is anyone from indore..?

  13. sir i hv name hinduraj in 10th marksheet and hinuraj bajpai in 12th marksheet bt fiied application
    according 10th marksheet...is there will be any problem?? plz reply soon i m very tensed...

  14. sir when will ibps declare interview result of PO 3rd?

  15. when will interview results be published?

  16. Mr. Zubair..I think u shud have taken the bowl from them and offered them first...

    1. Thnks buddy next time if there will be any opportunity will be there i will do that

  17. Ramandeep can you file a RTI to know how much students category wise crack written and how much score students recieved??

    1. I don't think IBPS comes under RTI act, matter is in the courts.


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