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Change the Attitude - Bring the Change Yourself !

Published on Wednesday, March 26, 2014
The main thing in the life of every Indian is “MONEY” right? All of us know how important money is and how it produces respect in this society. But, it would work up to some extent only. Many of us would pray to god for getting “LAKSHMI” on auspicious days and without knowing the exact meaning of “LAKSHMI” we wants to get that eagerly. The exact meaning of the word is “RESPECTFUL MONEY” which would be of satisfying of reasonable needs. In order to live luxurious life, we are going to do many bad things result in bad behaviour. It would repeat in every possible thing and it continues.         People have to know the value of money and the value of INDIA. Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. We, the Young Indians have to fight for the eradication of poverty. 1 crore is more than enough to live life but 1000’s of crores are getting black and hiding in the SWISS bank accounts of our mega Indians. A military officer wants the flat of military widow and politician wants power to rule through unauthorised corruption. INDIA is still developing. Since 1980 it is saying that INDIA is a developing country, but we should strive bravely for getting the sentence “INDIA is a developed country!!!!!”

As a INDIAN, I have right to speak about our position as well as to give suggestions on development. Our normal daily life includes several types of corruption areas and we have to start with our local areas. Sankar mahadevan, a famous singer running a website with name “I PAID A BRIBE” with slogan “Mujhse Hogi Shuruvat” .

If you ever bribe anybody then comment below!!

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