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Why Time Management is key to Success in Bank Exams

Published on Tuesday, March 25, 2014
TIME- a word which can bring a major transformation in anybody’s life .A word which had seen everything and which will see everything in future also-but it is you who have to decide whether you also wanted to be a part of that bright future which you have once planned .

It’s very simple what you have to do is just to utilize this word(time) in a very efficient and planned way daily.Yes I do agree that it is very easy to say but it takes a lot of courage to follow it but mark my words 
“If you genuinely wish to get what you have dream then CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS”
Don’t give up .Make your action plan very carefully and keep in mind that you are not going to wait for right time to come but you will begin from now only – because this is the ‘RIGHT TIME’.

In today’s competitive world where even for a post of clerk you have to fight with lakhs of candidate, you cannot wait for right time to come . Grab this moment because this is your opportunity and its you who can make it or break it.For instance we all read newspaper for general awareness but it’s rarely that we use a dictionary to know the meaning of some words which we don’t understand. 

      Either we think that we will see it later or we simply turn the page for any other news . That’s where we lack –these words which we are neglecting today can be useful to us in English section of our paper – don’t wait for tomorrow – just think and go for it.If you are investing today in ‘Time’-you are going to get it back with interest in future. Many a time we say that “thoda aur time hota to ho jata” but why we say this – think and you will get the answer that “time and tide wait for none”. It’s very precious .If you value it ,it will also value you. 

So let’s pledge that we will make use of each and every moment of our life for productive purpose and will challenge our limits and will never give up till we achieve our goals.

All the best !!!!!

This article was written by Khushboo Rajput and it's a part of March article writing contest.

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