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Failure is not a Crime

Published on Saturday, March 22, 2014
It is just a try to insert a motivation in a poetic touch. Motivation can we gain from anywhere. You can also gain some motivation from my poetry.

Failure is not a crime

Failure never needs to blame..
If success don’t kiss my forehead; 
May I don’t work harder..
May I don’t toil my sweat..
But Failure never needs to blame.. 

Failure never needs to forget.. 
If no one hold my hand; 
I will stood up once again..
I will fight once again... 

But failure never needs to forget.. 
Failure never needs to cry...
If I loose everytime; 
I will aim till I die... 
I will work till my last breathe.. 
But failure never needs to cry.. 

Failure never needs to deny...
If I loose my way of life; 
I will hope for the best..
I will find my way again..

But failure never needs to deny... 

Always remember just one line.. 

“Failure is not a crime” 

My failure teach me all lessons of life..
Its gives me a strength to fight...
Its gives me a sense to survive...

Failure is not a crime...

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