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Road Map to fetch a Government Job

Published on Saturday, March 22, 2014
Now a days 90 percent young people are deciding to write competitive examinations for getting job in prestigious public sector undertakings as well as in central government. But only 20 percent are concentrating well enough to reach the shore on the other side i.e getting through. So many people are writing those competitive exams for fun and for practice to the other exams as they are trying for CAT exam or MAT or Civil services or anything like these which are their ambitions. I’m writing for those 20 percent who are preparing sincerely to reach their destination especially in banking sector.

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Though it is a tough job to do in the banking sector, young Indians are wanting because the emoluments and other facilities given by the organisations. But, it is not a right way to choose a goal which is paying high. We have to choose the one which matches us and which brings happiness to our heart. I think the one who loves this banking sector from heart will succeed easily and although facing many difficulties and other obstacles they will not go back.

As we know that all public sector banks are following same procedure for recruiting staff, there is tough competition outside. In order to qualify in written examination we have to show our talent in Arithmetic areas, Problem solving areas, General Knowledge levels, Computer Awareness levels, last but not least English Proficiency levels. 

There are many people who hates mathematical calculations, my bold suggestion for those contains “Don’t try for bank jobs.” The one who loves numbers, will do the work easily in banks. One must try to learn tables up to 20, squares up to 30, cubes up to 10, and simplifications. Apart from that the student should aware of quantitative aptitude contains Profit and Loss, Percentages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time and Distance, Time and Work, etc . Coming to the exam stay calm and cool and attempt the easy questions which are hiding one after the other behind lengthy questions. One good thing to know : “Competitive examination aspirant should know what to leave as well as what to answer during examination.” 

Problem Solving skills will be lengthy sometimes and this section will give 100 percent marks. It contains some easy and scoring part in the entire competitive examination we’re writing. 

General Awareness covers banking related knowledge like recent developments of banking sector and reforms as well as current affairs. This section will not take much time to answer, but many people stick to this section to lose their valuable time during the examination, this is not fair, so don’t do this. Attempt as fast as you can. 

Computer Awareness covers basics in computer machine and as well as in Internet related. Examination panel started increasing the depth in this section. No worries. It is also easy to reach cut off. 

Main problem comes with ENGLISH proficiency section. People will struggle if they have some bad beliefs towards the English knowledge. English will be the scoring area for those who is aware of basics in grammar and other applications in that language. Try to concentrate on basics. 

For justification of my title, I have to tell how to succeed and how I succeeded in the written exam. I would like to allot different parts of time to those 5 sections at the time of examination. I like to attempt computer knowledge first within 10 minutes(40 questions), next English in 25 minutes(40 questions), next General Awareness in 20 minutes(40 questions), next problem solving in 30 minutes(40 questions), Arithmetic in last 35 minutes(40 questions). I don’t like to spare extra time on any of those sections beyond the above limits. It is only base point, everyone will have their own weak points and will change time limits. Of course, I didn’t learn this trick in my 1st examination. It takes 4 examinations to setup my time bound. 

After qualifying the written, the major task is the interview preparation. Everybody should aware of how to prepare for interview, if somebody doesn’t know how to answer in interview, he will be terminated from the race. Obedience is important, proficiency in language is important, knowing the outside world is important, as well as knowing the banking terminology is important. Focusing is the most important to succeed in the interview as well in written test. 

The finals i.e interview, it plays a major role in the entire recruitment and decides whether the aspirant is suitable for the job or not. Facial expressions, body language, professional knowledge, everything counts at the time of interview. Prepare well and try to impress the interview panel members in order to get selected for your dream job. 

The above words came from my experience in various written tests as well as in many interviews. I hope you will set certain time bounds for attempting written examination and you’ll definitely display your talent with the help of examinations to the organisation. 



This article is written by Sameer Kudumula and its a part March article writing contest.

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