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Fair English is Enough for Success in Bank Exams

Published on Saturday, March 22, 2014
Here is a story that i want to share with you all. One of my friend attempt all three IBPS clerical exams but he always score zero in English while he score fair enough marks in other sections. When I asked him what is the problem behind zero in all three attempts? He replied I attempt English section in last because I know it is out of my reach and at last i don’t have enough time so I tick whatever I want by wild guessing, still I knows guessing is crime but what I can do if I don’t attempt then they failed me and if I attempt then also I am always wrong.

Reasons Drive out from the story

  • He don’t give enough time to improve his skills in English.
  • He accept his defeat in English before the exam.
  • He don’t prepare a good plan before entering in exam room.
  • His moral is down in English and his self confidence is zero in English.

Must read

Problems Faced By Most Candidates In English

Problem 1

Most candidates think that they are not fluent enough in English. Here we don’t need fluency we just need a understanding about English only.

Solution: To improve understanding in English. We should need to start from reading a simple stories. Read story books in English try to drive out the Hindi meaning of the story in your mind then only u can move forward to read passage regarding to certain topics like: stock market, banking reforms etc that really comes in exams.Trust yourself if their is a problems in finding out meanings of certain words use dictionary. Improve your understanding because in exam you don’t have that much time that allows you to read passage again.

Problem 2

Grammar and sentence formation is not a big deal that is only make up with certain rules. If you can remember maths formulas why is tense and active-passive and tag questions rules are so tuff for u why???

Solution: Give enough time to English as you do with maths and reasoning because English is also a most important subject practice one hour daily. Learn the rules regarding to tenses, active and passive, direct-indirect and tag questions believe me its too easy from maths if u know the rules and takes a moment to solve out the question.

Problem 3

After improving understanding and grammatical area strong we faces a problem in rearrange the sentences and clause test. What is the problem??

Solution : In rearranging the sentences if we get a story we feel happy and arrange it easily but nowadays banking exams raised their level they gives a rearrangement relating to certain topic. Its all depends upon your understanding try to make relationships between the sentences. It is time consuming sometimes. Skip it is better from making wild guesses.

While clause test is really easy if u knows which option fits better in the fill in the blanks. But its needs a practice to understand the same resemble characteristics of the options. If you can understands the meaning what the fill in the blank asking from you? You can choose the better and most suitable answer for it. Do practice clause test is easy and you love it to solve clause tests.

Problem 4

We don’t give appropriate and adequate time to practice about English. Due to certain fear / accept of defeat before English / rely on wild guesses/ not fluent in English why so???

Solution: It is necessary to improve your weak section before your exams. Because every section has its own importance. Don’t think speaking or fluency in English is necessary in writing exams only fair enough understanding, your self confidence, your practice and adequate time allotment in paper to each section is necessary. If you are prepare enough mentally and improve your understanding no one can beat you in English. Just try your Best.

Thanking You!

All The Best!!

This article is written by Gaurav Kaushik and it's a part of March article writing contest. Participate here.

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