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Frequently Asked Questions by Bank Job Aspirants

Published on Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Yesterday while I was getting dozens of abusive emails, one of my readers sent me a detailed email asking some common questions. As she was the only person who was appreciating me so I decided to write a detailed answer to her email. As this conversation might be useful for others, I am sharing this here.

In case you have any query, post your comment in the comment box.

Question :- I am (Name Hidden) from Mangalore. I subscribed to your blog long back, and was reading many of your post. But today when I read article Why you failed in Competitive exam? I got answers for my questions. after reading users comments, I also got some question for you, I was supposed to post, before that I saw "About Us" page , all doubts are cleared. So now I am Composing mail for you. I also need help from you.

To help your readers you created website. I really want to Thank You from bottom of my heart. Really great job. Without any expectation your helping us, really great. May God bless you for your kind heart and humanity.
Answer - Thanks for such words. I am always here to help you. I always try to help my readers via comments or emails.

Question - Did you hired developers to create website and or yourself you managed all these?. Actually you need to spend lots of time, money and you yourself need to update about all related things right. How you will manage all these. Who is the inspiration for you? its just a curiosity and to know about you.
Answer - Yes I hired a developers although I designed everything myself. Right now I am spending 4-5 hours a day for this blog, forum and test series. I created everything after getting numerous requests. I tried keep everything affordable. I planned to keep free but the cost of setup everything was more than Rs 70,000 so I charged Rs 300 per user. That's quite affordable.

Question :- I did my BE in CSE. In 2012 I got to know about IBPS. That time I was not knowing anything about exam patterns, preparation etc. While surfing I got know about this site. In the beginning I was not so serious about exam preparation, doing guess work and not cleared exams. But later I really wanted to pass the exam and get into bank job. So I joined one institute.
So I can manage reasoning, English. But Quant part is difficult for me, because of Quantitative Aptitude cutoff I didn't cleared exams. I know I am responsible for this. The reason is Lack of practice nothing else. But in Quantitative Aptitude problem is whatever I study later I forget, I am familiar with questions but not able to solve. it takes lots of time to solve. I feel I don't have the ability to learn quant.
Answer :- I think your exam preparation strategy is wrong. I recommend you to read these posts :-
Question :- Whatever I study later I forget.
Answer :- The problem here is that you are using numerous methods to solve same problems. For example for Time and Work chapter, there are various methods while you need to stick to one method and solve every question related to this chapter using same method. Give a look to my Time and Work short video. In this video I am using same method to solve every question.

Question :- Is it possible to attend your class?
Answer :- I don't to promote my DVDs but I made the full course to help people like you. Get it here.

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